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in a democratic manner

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and the international community can support the democratically elected parliament and people of Libya.
The parliamentary election is the final step in a political roadmap the army announced in July 2013 after ousting Mohamed Mursi, Egypt's first democratically elected president, following mass protests against his year in office.
Anybody killed in the process of attempting to topple a democratically elected President deserved to die.
He said it was the first time in the history of Pakistan that previous government transferred the power to the next democratically elected government.
The United States is committed to working with the next democratically elected government of Tunisia that will result from this vote," he said.
The UK urges the restoration of a civilian government that has been democratically elected, serves the interests of its people and fulfils its human rights obligations.
However, the majority of the two out of every ten voters who bothered to use their vote decided democratically that elected mayors will continue.
The military toppled Morsi in July claiming that he and Muslim Brotherhood allies were not governing democratically, the report added.
Because they democratically elected the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian military, in the pay of America, staged a coup, destroyed the democratic process and have imprisoned the democratically elected President Morsi.
CDATA[ The Muslim Brotherhoodas 80-year dream to take over Egypt ended in a fiasco, barely one year after one of their own was democratically elected to the office of President of Egypt.
Bulgariaas nationalist leader Volen Siderov is totally unfit to head the parliamentary body for corruption combat and should be dismissed, Bulgaria's first democratically elected president argues.
Remember, it is an advisory council -- we are dealing with a democratically elected government on the other side," said Shah, a renowned economist and social worker who is also a Member of the Planning Commission.
Scope of work : Develop the institutional capacity of Pakistan%s political parties to respond democratically and effectively to constituents% concerns
Despite the major presence of co-ops in the world economy and in the United States, this democratically owned part of the private sector is inadequately understood and greatly underappreciated, Nadeau says.
Summary: Mohammed Mursi has been sworn in as Egypt's first democratically elected president in a ceremony in Cairo.
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