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Synonyms for demobilise

release from military service or remove from the active list of military service

retire from military service

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Zuniga's order provides a 60-day period for Chevron to demobilise the project, but that work cannot include any new construction, according to the order.
Mohammad Qasim Fahim for failing to demobilise his militia soldiers in Kabul, which according to the Bonn agreement need to be confined to their barracks.
Pakistan, which yesterday offered to demobilise if India moved its troops from its eastern border, hit back.
PAKISTAN today offered to ease its war footing if India starts to demobilise first.
He will hold talks in Delhi today with Indian premier Atal Behari Vajpayee to urge him to demobilise his forces.
As a result of the campaign 331 FARC members were encouraged to demobilise and re-enter society.
Report date 5th July 2011 Status Preparing to demobilise drilling rig in preparation for fracture stimulation operations Past Week's Operations * Drilled remainder of 8 1/2" horizontal hole from 2,596 to 2,740 metres * Run completion string for multi stage fracture stimulation from 2,195 to 2,719 metres Objective Cambay Eocene "tight" reservoir Y Zone Total Depth (TD) 2,740 metres