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retire from military service

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After being demobbed in 1960, Ken returned to Birmingham and Taff to South Wales where he became a coal miner for 23 years.
Taff has no idea what Ken did in civvy street after being demobbed.
The hype surrounding Fifer Greg Burke's play, which shuttles between the brutal humour of demobbed squaddies in a Fife boozer and the punishing heat of the desert in the "biggest western foreign-policy disaster ever", has never been unjustified.
Our sergeant was demobbed and Alan was posted to replace him and we stayed together until my demob a little before him, in September 1957.
The last person to be conscripted was a Pte Turner and the last person to be demobbed was Lt Vaughan in 1963.
His final role was Officer in Charge of Flying at RAF Perton, and was demobbed in 1946 as a Flight Lieutenant, before returning to the motor industry in Coventry.
Suddenly it was summer in England and millions of ex-servicemen who had been uprooted from their lives and families to serve their governments in war were demobbed and returned home.
When we were demobbed in 1946, we often met at regimental reunions and we discussed the episode time and time again.
before being liberated by Russian cossack soldiers When demobbed lie trained as an ophthalmic optician and after qualifying established a business in Newport.
He was demobbed and left the service in April 1919.
After the war and being demobbed they had settled in Huddersfield.
As for Ken, who would also be 74, Taff knows little of what he did on Civvy Street after being demobbed.
IN JUNE, 1954, I was demobbed after five years' service in the Irish Guards.
I was in the RAF and demobbed in 1983 and had a similar problem, or so I thought.