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retire from military service

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On leaving his native island after demob, he joined the Metropolitan Police force until he retired.
Peter Davies, defending, said Morgan had found life back in Bargoed unexciting after his demob.
Following demob, he became a gun tester at the BSA, where he worked until retirement.
So get on your gladrags or your old demob suit and come and enjoy the licensed bar and refreshments.
The old friends, who did National Service in the RAF, were trying to track down Ian Stuart Grant to invite him to a 50th demob anniversary reunion in Scotland in September.
Upon my demob, I married a young lady from Cheshire in 1948.
When I arrived at New Street Station 40 years ago after serving nearly five years overseas, struggling in my demob suit, a volunteer taxi came out of the shadows and took me on my journey home, refusing payment and wishing me all the best.
After service I ended up in Egypt as a regimental sign aller in the Army before being returned to UK for demob.
I had paid a visit to the Shakespeare Theatre that was in Fraser Street, off London Road, with my demob issue on.
That night in the NAAFI, the passengers due to fly out were celebrating their forthcoming demob with us.
After his demob in 1954 he returned to the Liverpool area.
He carried on sparring while with the Army in Burma but packed it in after demob.
Bill put his army service to good use since, on demob, he joined the BSA as a gun tester where he worked up until retirement.
I lost lots of pals at Dunkirk, The Western Desert, Salerno, Monte Cassino and Anzio during my time from 1939 until demob in 1946.