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a subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe

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Plutarch, Atticus, and Numenius seem to have posited preexistent matter and disordered soul which the demiurge orders into the sensible universe.
He emphasizes their extreme indeterminacy in the absence of the demiurge, (75) but at the same time he relies on a certain determinacy in their nature, sufficient at least to impel the shaking of the receptacle and separate them out from one another.
His goal is to fortify human awareness that God's active presence in the world is not restricted to the specific sort of events that could be attributed to limited beings like gods or a demiurge.
The universe that the demiurge creates is a small universe of microevents, a shaping of form through a new organization of material.
On the other side, there is the Demiurge of the Timaeus who was responsible for forming the sensible universe as it actually is because "he was good, and in one that is good no envy of any kind ever arises.
He suggests that they might have attempted to reduce the tensions in Valentinus' own system by providing a grand mythological and dualistic framework to their teacher's monotheistic, Biblically grounded teaching: according to the fragments, Valentinus believed that humans were created by angels, and his followers simply expanded this to include a (Platonic) demiurge and an increased separation between the cosmic and divine realms.
I've been thumping the pulpit for this artist all year, but, at the risk of suffocating the demonic demiurge with my critical affections, I have to say that Burdin's brand new video, Dual Vision Dope Mix/Restoration Editing Project, 2005, quite simply--pun intended--rocked.
It is frankly unbelievable that Plato supposed the Demiurge has mere concepts or images of Forms in his mind.
A demiurge of ideas, the philosopher was also a polemical individual whipped into creativity by antagonists.
Such a view of value-explanation is nothing new; it has existed in embryo since Plato's day, thanks to his conception of demiurge.
The barrenness of that place howled around me, like a country the demiurge had forgotten.
coupled with the characterization of the divine as unchangeable, is not very far removed from Aristotle's characterization of god"; (2) "association of the divine intellect or Demiurge with Forms in Timaeus allows for the former to be characterized as an ideal to be emulated in exactly the same way as is the divine final cause for Aristotle"; and (3) the seemingly important differences between Plato's and Aristotle's accounts of the divine and its relation to the world "can be explained on the basis of the former's incomplete account of first principles" (p.
Here the demiurge implodes at his own birthday party as his pious mother does the dishes, all the while wistfully bemoaning her lapsed calling as a theorist of Tropicalia.