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a subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe

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playing the Demiurge as the Cylon God seems to carry many similar traits
In Dark City, the world of Demiurge is symbolized by the eponymous dark city (see Image 1).
Therefore, the church's stress on the 'only" God, which also created the heaven and earth was not thought exclusively as a doctrinal teaching regarding the relationship between God and the created order or between the only God and Jesus as a possible Demiurge.
In Burke's Reflections, history is indeed presented as the conservative demiurge, and morbidly so at that, such as when he claims on behalf of the English people, "We know that we have made no discoveries; and we think that no discoveries are to be made, in morality; nor many in the great principles of government, nor in the ideas of liberty, which were understood long before we were born, altogether as well as they will be after the grave has heaped its mould upon our presumption, and the silent tomb shall have imposed its law on our pert loquacity.
Other exceptions include justice and goodness, which, Fine notes (1984: 79), would have been instantiated even before the creation of the cosmos, as they would have then been instantiated at least by the demiurge (before any [other] moral agents and moral acts), who is said to be just and good (Timaeus 29a, 29e-30b).
6) That is, the demiurge reasoned and concluded about the constitution of the cosmos on the basis of his goodness, which was essential, if not primary, to his motivation.
The demonstrated existence of a transcendent Supreme Being in the conception of the ancient Egyptians implies that the creator God Ra, is only a demiurge, a son of the goddess Nut, as the Egyptian Book of the Dead puts it: 'Thou art beautiful, O Ra, each day, and thy mother Nut embraceth thee' (Budge 1901: 13).
According to Gnostic cosmology, the Universe was not created by the Supreme Deity but by the Demiurge (called the World Artificer in Plato's Timaeus), leader of other lower spiritual powers, known as Archons in some systems.
Which does not alter whatsoever the existence of Deity, as it takes contour in the third book of his doctrinaire trilogy, started with History and utopia: that is in The Evil Demiurge.
It featured dioramas of those horror-inducing planning schemes, both the Contemporary City and the Plan Voisin, the latter of which, funded rather tellingly by a motoring magnate, would make the architect famous as crazed technocratic demiurge, bent on 'rationalising' Paris as a demented super-Haussmann.
19 February 2015 - Japanese game company Sega's Sega Networks mobile unit has acquired US-based game maker Demiurge Studios and invested in two other game comapnies, the company said.
He has worked as a commercial artist at Sony, Blizzard Entertainment, Liquid Entertainment, Rockstar, THQ, Demiurge, and 745 Studios.
Outside, the darkening streets are full of purpose: the lights go on, the traffic hits the gas, and everybody on the sidewalk moves, even the ones the Demiurge mucked up, the paraplegic pushing at his wheels, the schizophrenic shrinking through the crowd, and all who hate their bodies and their lives.
And, according to Gordon, this would imply that eros is not due to the creative activity of the Demiurge himself and therefore that it is not part of our original noetic condition.
Others may look it up and learn that a demiurge, in some pre-Christian cosmologies, was a kind of subordinate divinity Context is crucial, and the philosophers who speculated about demiurges were the heirs of polytheists.