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to relinquish one's engagement in or occupation with

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SB Mathur, who recently demitted office as Secretary General, Life Insurance Council, says NPS is emerging as a better retirement option.
New Delhi, May 18 ( ANI ): US President Barack Obama called up Manmohan Singh soon after he demitted office and said he was one of the few public leaders whom he admired and that he would miss working with him.
64-year-old Justice Lodha took over from Justice (retd) P Sathasivam who demitted office yesterday after nine months as the head of the judiciary.
Vajpayee, which demitted office nine years ago, had too many skeletons in the cupboard.
IDBI Bank announced the appointment of M S Raghavan as its new chairman and managing director (CMD), the post which was vacant since May 31 when the previous chairman R K Malla had demitted his office.
She added: "In the first two or three years after I demitted office I was at my most vulnerable.
A notification to this effect was issued on May 1, following which the incumbent government counsels demitted their offices.
Roy further said that the Supreme Court panel has taken refuge behind technicalities to say that no action was called for since Justice Ganguly has already demitted office.
Pradhan alleged that the Prime Minister was equally responsible for changing the content of the CBI report on Coalgate, demanding Singh's resignation on the same grounds on which Kumar demitted office three days back.
As a result, she should have either rethought her role or demitted office.
I have demitted my office as Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister, Bihar.
Joshi, who demitted office after the NDA government decided to replace governors appointed by the previous UPA dispensation.
Singh, who demitted office after serving Arunachal Pradesh as Governor, was addressing a farewell function organised by the state government a day before leaving the state.
CBI recorded the statement of Wanchoo as a witness on Friday, a week after former West Bengal Governor M K Narayanan was quizzed by the agency, following which he demitted office.
When I demitted office, I gave interview to the channels that I did everything in consultation with the Prime Minister.