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free from mist


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Cold, dry air will demist the window more quickly than hot air that's not yet hot.
Whitworth, Einsteins Wake: Relativity, Metaphor, and Mo demist Literature (Oxford, 2001), p.
A previous patient of his had reported to the state that she ended up a few months earlier with E coli on her face and a staph infection, but nothing had been done to stop this demist from performing that fatal surgery (http://tiny.
I test drove my Sedici Eleganza during a particularly frosty autumn week and found it took ages to demist in the mornings.
I also had a problem with the wind-screen, which would not demist and made it difficult to drive quickly, and the gearbox didn't feel right.
Jim Demist (R-SC) who is sponsoring The Truth in Employment Act.
He'd have the primus out while waiting for the windscreen to demist.
Additional features include rapid demist heated door mirrors, amber instrument lights replacing the green of the current version and a leather covered steeringwheel and gearknob.
There is also the welcome addition of side window demist vents.
Sinead King, 29, did not demist her car windows on the morning she smashed into Peter Vaughan.
These might include inspecting your car's fluid levels, shock absorbers, drive belt, lights and wipers, as well as the operation of the air-conditioning to ensure it will quickly and effectively demist the windows during cold weather.
Running the engine on your driveway to demist the windows is sometimes essential - as long as you don't leave it unattended.
In your kit you'll find an AA ice-scraper and AA demist pad, plus a 300ml can of de-icer.
On demist, your heater blows traffic fumes, suspended oil and smoke on to the inside of the screen, and wet roads add dirt and scratches to the outside.
30am and 9am - when a lot of motorists can't even be bothered to demist their windows properly.