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a musical note having the time value of a thirty-second of a whole note

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Here the whole bar's rest at 29 is written over with the demisemiquaver figure; the only other change was to erase the b?
section), unchanged in version 2, coincide with the Hauptfigur, which Bach did change to demisemiquavers throughout the entire movement (ex.
Thus the appearance of demisemiquavers in a published source would imply that the tempo for a minim was significantly less than MM 60.
1 suggests that Couperin was not the only 18th-century admirer of Corelli who equated poetic frenzy with demisemiquavers.
To take an obvious example from Cosyn: it is clear that he abandoned his old-fashioned habit of flagging quavers and semiquavers separately and reserving beaming for demisemiquavers only towards the end of his work on CVB.
Corelli's bass is left unchanged throughout, although in the first two variations its note values are doubled, apparently to avoid demisemiquavers in the violin part (and presumably with [symbol omitted] intended).
The effect of the tremolo is the same as that produced by a succession of demisemiquavers on the same pitch in a fast movement.
If both movements are andante and later on use demisemiquavers for much the same decoration, they cannot differ much in character.