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remove the minerals or salts from

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Examples include the use of membrane technology to further purify water and reduce the potential for deposition in boilers or membrane technology to remove otherwise troublesome species that might require treatment, and conversion from sodium-cycle softeners to demineralizers to produce boiler feedwater makeup," said Norris Johnston, applications team manager-water management technology, Hercules Pulp and Paper Division, Lacey's Spring, Alabama.
Polymetrics operates more than 30 large mobile demineralizer trailers on the east and the west coasts of the United States and manages water treatment systems at various customer locations.
Aquatech s technology is a mixed bed demineralizer of 130 cu m per hour capacity.
Aquatech's technology is a mixed bed demineralizer of 130 cubic meters per hour capacity.
Reviews of outage maintenance work packages were unsuccessful in identifying the high radiation levels in the radwaste demineralizer room, but detailed corrective actions were promptly implemented.
The company's main products include seawater desalination by reverse osmosis, gas chlorination, demineralizers and water softeners.
This is a valuable field tool for utility engineers, shift supervisors, trainers and operators who have clarifiers, filters, softeners, demineralizers and reverse osmosis systems.
The development of compact and efficient unit operations such as influent clarifiers, demineralizers, membrane separation equipment, and BOD reduction facilities all provide "more for less" to the paper industry.
GE Betz is a leader in the engineered chemical treatment of water and process systems in industrial, commercial and institutional applications, and has water treatment capability in demineralizers and the patented E-Cell electrodeionization (EDI) units.
In fact, UL has tested and listed plumbing products such as water softeners and demineralizers for electrical safety since the 1920s.
As these fluids must be extremely pure, TAT's demineralizers treat these fluids to maintain their purity.