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Synonyms for demineralisation

abnormal loss of mineral salts (especially from bone)

the removal of minerals and mineral salts from a liquid (especially from water)

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All groups treated with antihistamine-containing syrup (G2 and G3) and also with liquid antibiotic (G1) showed a high demineralisation pattern.
17m deal for the Shah Gas project, where it will design, engineer and supply a demineralisation plant and a water polisher plant for the gas development.
One of the facilities, a mixed bed demineralisation plant, will process 2 x 90 cu m per hour of high-purity water.
The project will require the carrying out of detailed design, engineering, procurement, installation, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning services for Das Island using reverse osmosis technology and a demineralisation unit to provide boiler feed water.
In a study, researchers at the Leeds Dental Institute found demineralisation of enamel was no greater among subjects drinking juice than among those eating raw fruit and veg.
They were caused by problems in the water demineralisation system in one incinerator and faults with the dust filter bags in another unit at the Whitley plant.
According to a paper published in the dental journal Caries Research, fat and oils can actually strengthen teeth by protecting against demineralisation.
The FBA focuses on the five segments of the Industrial Water Treatment Equipment market, namely: Demineralisation, Activated Carbon, Membrane Treatment, Ozonation and Ultra Violet technologies & the four segment of the Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment market, namely: Pre-treatment, Primary treatment, Secondary treatment and Tertiary & Advanced treatment technologies.
Contract notice: Demineralisation plant construction work
Dix stations de demineralisation d'eau ont ete mises en service dans le grand Sud algerien tandis que d'autres sont en cours de realisation afin d'ameliorer la qualite de l'eau potable dans cette region, a indique a l'APS le directeur general de l'Algerienne des eaux (ADE), Abdennour Ait Mansour.
The images have the potential to provide real insights into the ongoing demineralisation disease process.
Fluoride has been proven to prevent dental caries by preventing demineralisation of tooth mineral and promotion of remineralisation.
Comparison of the Effects of Whole and Juiced Fruits and Vegetables on Enamel Demineralisation in situ', by Issa and colleagues of the Leeds Dental Institute, published in Caries Research (2011) 45: 448 are easy to access through Sugar Nutrition UK.
Sometimes dentists can identify this demineralisation by seeing a change in the colour of the tooth, or by looking at x-rays.
Bassem Halabi, group business development director for Metito, said the project -- being carried out in record time - highlighted the company's excellence in the demineralisation business.