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a class of woman not considered respectable because of indiscreet or promiscuous behavior

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Husbands of WCTU activists seized control of the city council and commenced the demolition of the demimonde.
Saturday - Oak Street Speakeasy with Heidi Marie, Demimonde Slumber Party, the Eager Beavers, I-Chele and the Circle of Light, basement, 915 Oak St.
The underfunded demimonde of film and TV is scarcely an improvement.
This Holocaust haunted movie presents a world that crosses Damon Runyon's demimonde with Rod Steiger's pawnbroker.
During this period, Liz had one foot in the world of upwardly mobile diplomats and the scribbling class, the other in the demimonde of outsiders, leftists, and Lower East Side rebels.
Readers will get a good description of the criminal and demimonde of seventeenth-century London, told in an enjoyable manner.
There is the demimonde, that half-world of the immoral, the amoral, the artistic, the bohemian, the scare artists and other varieties of criminal.
A transvestite jockey recalls the demimonde of Hogarth's rake, and an outsized chasuble and parodic mantilla the oppressive vestments of Catholicism.
It is very hard for me to see, as a pure political matter in the demimonde of the activist-scholar, international law advocacy community, that "politically realistic" is not simply another way of saying, "Republican administration.
Then, at some point in the 1940s, Emeline learned what most of Cairo's demimonde already knew.
Her portrayal of 19thcentury Japanese society, especially its artistic demimonde, is rich and the relationships between the various historical characters well developed.
Alongside Kurt Weill, Alfred Doblin and Christopher Isherwood, Kirchner brilliantly captured the zeitgeist of Weimar Germany, bringing it alive in the shape of its demimonde inhabitants.
The image of a louche inhabitant of the demimonde we're trying to cultivate might be a little undermined by the sight of the Spiderman socks you got in your stocking last Christmas peeping out.
At night, however, the park becomes a shadowy demimonde where drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, and other rejected by polite Lucknow society congregate.