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a class of woman not considered respectable because of indiscreet or promiscuous behavior

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After four prospectors found gold along a creek in the Klondike region in August 1896, the tiny settlement that stood 500 miles south, at the nearest port, was almost instantaneously transformed into a city of the demimonde.
Ratzke's painting of the Weimar-era demimonde used gutsy strokes that stripped this material of any innocent facades and/or overly-stylized cabaret glitz to bare the material's true emotional teeth and guts.
His travels brought him from the Parisian demimonde to the seminary to eventual death in a Nazi concentration camp, probably at the hands of fellow inmates.
As Lea, the sensual yet worldly survivor of the Paris demimonde, Ferri has never seemed more at ease, drifting across the stage in a pink negligee, curling around her partner or gently pushing him away.
Rowling tries to bring a more contemporary edge to this novel by featuring a beautiful biracial victim and delving into the demimonde of high fashion and hip-hop royalty, but the world here still feels curiously dated.
There are two appendices: other known titles by makers of drama miscellanies, and the "Classic of Whoring" (how demimonde fantasy affected the formation of the Ming vernacular).
Saturday - Oak Street Speakeasy with Heidi Marie, Demimonde Slumber Party, the Eager Beavers, I-Chele and the Circle of Light, basement, 915 Oak St.
This Holocaust haunted movie presents a world that crosses Damon Runyon's demimonde with Rod Steiger's pawnbroker.
Readers will get a good description of the criminal and demimonde of seventeenth-century London, told in an enjoyable manner.
There is the demimonde, that half-world of the immoral, the amoral, the artistic, the bohemian, the scare artists and other varieties of criminal.
Who can blame them for uniting with each other and making the most of their meager remaining days--for donning their favorite jewelry and sleek antiquated evening dresses: outfits that surely would have been considered scandalous demimonde attire in the matronly eyes of their more severe churchgoing contemporaries?
In his study of Max Beerbohm (1972), John Felstiner observed that cosmetics had been condemned by satirists, from Juvenal to Pope, as a frivolous artifice suitable for the demimonde of actresses and whores, dandies and sexual deviants.
Calhoun, political control is shared by two corrupt and virtually indistinct parties who vilify dissenters, court the demimonde, and govern by polls in the tradition of Lincoln's successor, Andrew Johnson, about whom Dr.
Then, at some point in the 1940s, Emeline learned what most of Cairo's demimonde already knew.