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a woman whose sexual promiscuity places her outside respectable society

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In her study The Other Side of the Story: Structures and Strategies of Contemporary Feminist Narrative, Hite discusses this illuminating focus on the subjectivities of characters usually objectified and silenced in canonical works: the chorus girl, the mannequin, the demimondaine.
border figures able to engage in the vagaries of the marketplace without being tainted by systems of exchange" (Pascoe 48) and in the broad critiques English Eliza Lynn Linton levelled against "the Girl of the Period," the threat that demimondaine and decent bourgeoise were becoming visually indistinguishable demonstrated an alarming subversion of social value since surface and substance were thus divorced (Pascoe, "Tales for Young Housekeepers"; Boufis, "Of Home Birth and Breeding").
The discussion of this piece is equally impressive though more might perhaps have been made of one of the linchpins of Herve's comedy: in a provocative mixture of real life color with fiction, the role of the virtuous Marguerite was taken by the actress and demimondaine Blanche D'Antigny, the inspiration for Emile Zola's Nana.
The ramps and skyscrapers are an amusing echo of the demimondaine Suzy Solidor's torso in her half-length portrait of 1933 at the Musee du Chateau in Cagnes.
Now and again, the scriptwriters would contrive to have some saloon demimondaine wriggle her way onto Artie's lap.
Is she perhaps a high-class demimondaine accosting him?
The supreme irony -- as is so often the case with gentrification -- is that the artists, dancers and demimondaines, who were attracted to the area precisely because it afforded them an escape from the spiritual values and the property values of the middle class, spurred the gentrification that the area needed.
Hemingway's comment suggests that he might have more than passing familiarity with the life of "Mademoiselle V" in her time one of the most notorious of Parisian demimondaines.