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Synonyms for demilitarize

do away with the military organization and potential of

remove offensive capability from

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Envoys from the two sides in Sudan informed the UN Security Council in New York of the agreement, which called for demilitarizing of the region where the presence of troops from the north and south would be banned.
Hizbullah has viewed recent talk of demilitarizing Beirut as a step to disarming the militant organization.
I think we should think of demilitarizing, demilitarizing the whole of Kashmir.
Rather than demilitarizing the region, NATO and the UN have permitted the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to use Kosovo as a safe haven and staging base to continue its campaign for a "Greater Albania.
That accord called for demilitarizing areas in Bolivar and Antioquia departments so the ELN could host a national convention with civil groups as a step toward official peace negotiations with the government.