demilitarized zone

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a zone from which military forces or operations or installations are prohibited


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In the former demilitarized zone, the Colombian military recently found two large FARC-run cocaine laboratories and 7.
Pastrana ordered the armed forces to retake a demilitarized zone he had given the guerrillas in 1998 as an inducement to come to the bargaining table.
Pastrana extended the demilitarized zone until Jan.
As the military withdrew from the new demilitarized zone, the AUC attacks on the ELN pushed the rebels back and at one point, the right-wing militia forces were closing in on the ELN headquarters.
Kumgang, the tourists can either choose a three-hour course highlighting magnificent waterfalls and gorges, or a four-hour course that includes a view of the truce line in the demilitarized zone.
truce observers at the time that "9 out of 10" of the incidents of Syrian shelling along the Israeli-Syrian border were prompted by incursions into the demilitarized zones of Israeli tractors that every year plowed deeper into the "no man's land" between the armies in an attempt to establish a kind of Israeli squatters' rights on land whose ownership had remained contested since the 1949 armistice agreement.
Supply of equipment and technology, including software maintenance zeitbefristeter zeitbefristeter including maintenance for a demilitarized zone of transport infrastructure Marine Traffic Control System.
Sudan and South Sudan signed the agreement Friday to soon withdraw their respective military forces from a demilitarized zone between the two African countries, officials from both nations said.
Defections across the Demilitarized Zone, a buffer zone dividing the two Koreas, are rare as the 250 km-long (155 miles) land border is heavily armed and tightly guarded.
The drill, the largest ever since the end of 1950-1953 Korean War, was held at a shooting range in Pocheon near the Demilitarized Zone between the two Koreas.
Schiff said this was his second trip to Iraq - the first was in 2003 - and he also has visited troops in Afghanistan and Korea's demilitarized zone.
soldiers cutting down a tree in the demilitarized zone.
Residents opposed to the demilitarized zone say that, in southern Colombia, the FARC has taken advantage of the army's withdrawal to rebuild its military strength, violate human rights, engage in dealings with drug traffickers, and have a staging area for its attacks.
Local residents had been against the government's plan to create a second demilitarized zone, this one for the National Liberation Army (ELN) in central Colombia.
Kumgang in the North, through the demilitarized zone, Hyundai officials said Thursday.