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large bottle with a short narrow neck

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But for a fruity hint to any normal style of beer, boil or stew your fruit and add it your bucket or demijohn before you add your yeast.
Knife, rolling pin, bowl, two sterilised demijohns, funnel, fine sieve, bottles.
The water dragged along drowned snakes and lizards, and Laura remembered it had mixed with the brandy in the demijohns.
All these delicacies were arranged in military order, having all along, every other ten inches, a carafe of Dragasani yellow wine, decanters of red wine from the vineyards of the Bistrita monastery, bottles of Eastern wines of various colours and flavours--there were also demijohns with Chios anisette and Corinth liqueur.
After conquering their freedom of speech again, people looked forward to talking: in trains which started working again, full of people, sacks of flour and demijohns of wine, every passenger talked to unknown people about happenings which had occurred in his life.
Deck chairs, ship's furniture, and dozens of demijohns of port wine--still drinkable
At nearby Cantina San Martino, a small, high-quality winery owned by the Pittaro family, locals are more likely to show up to refill their own glass demijohns.
In addition to several vintage bottlings from the early 1970s, the range also includes Pierre Ferrand 1914 Memoire Vintage Edition, a 70-year old Grande Champagne cognac aged initially in small Limousin oak barrels before being transferred to glass demijohns.
He uncovered three demijohns, two bottles and a flagon - all but two still filled with whisky.
I've been doing it for quite a few years, I get in the garage, get some fruits and get on with it by making a few demijohns now and then and keep them bubbling away in the corner.
We used to buy demijohns of wine, beer cans, whatever we found as long as it was alcohol; we absolutely needed to .
After the aged cognac reaches its peak, it is transferred into glass demijohns to stop the aging process.
Consulting my erstwhile bible, the Boots Book of Home Wine and Beermaking, I decided the berries were blueberries and set out to see if my siphon and demijohns could be salvaged from their dusty resting place.
And ever since then, you can't get those glass demijohns in which we used to plant miniature gardens; and nor are there many of those brass platters we used to use for serving codfish--still our sustenance on occasion.
They are crushed, strained and fermented in 54-litre demijohns.