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Synonyms for demigod

a person with great powers and abilities

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a person who is part mortal and part god

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A teacher at an online school promoting the views of libertarian demigoddess Ayn Rand smiles appreciatively over her cocktail.
As for the book's reference to Ms Gandhi's purported desire to leave India after her husband's assassination, this, if true, was understandable under the circumstances, unless the Congress party wants to have her portrayed as a demigoddess.
7) The feminist implications of LaMotte's choice and handling of her subject have been amply studied, with Chinn emphasizing the empowerment of the female demigoddess, Djordjevic analyzing Byatt's provision of a female mythology omitted by Vico, and both Djordjevic and Flegel pointing out that in the Melusine story, as in most mythologies, female power is rendered monstrous and is punished.
Ed Sullivan was the high priest, Carol Burnett the demigoddess.
But as with Argentina's demagogue demigoddess, it matters not.