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The famous demesnes of Castletown and Carton are explored in similar detail.
How typical were the gardens created by such remarkable and wealthy figures as the Conollys and FitzGeralds of the landscaping of the more than 1,000 enclosed demesnes created in Ireland from the seventeenth century on?
The famous Castletown obelisk, for example, is on land that forms part of the Carton demesne.
Similarly potent analogies are made between demesne landscape and the theatre.
Demesne landscapes were knowingly created on the model of paintings by artists such as Claude and then themselves portrayed by Irish artists, including George Barret and Thomas Roberts.
Housing lines our left side with the sloping Demesnes on the right and we soon pass Chapel House, Laburnum Cottage (1858) and Broadgates.
The Demesnes, controlled by Teesdale District Council, was bought from Raby Estates in the late 1940s for "the enjoyment of the people of Teesdale".
However, the land has become a quagmire after becoming an unofficial car park, forcing the council to put restrictions in place so the Demesnes can be protected.