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Leading prices: Shearlings pounds 620 Edlingham Demesne, Black Heddon & Cookstead, pounds 600 Black Heddon, pounds 560 Edlingham Demesne & Cookstead, pounds 540 East Learmouth, pounds 520 & pounds 510 Cookstead, pounds 500 Goatstones(x2), pounds 480 Cookstead & Goatstones, pounds 460 Black Heddon, Roseden & Cookstead, pounds 450 Nesbit Ram Lambs pounds 360 Brompton(x2), pounds 320 East Learmouth, pounds 300 Portgate & Brompton(x2), pounds 280 Moorsley Banks 2 Shear Rams pounds 320 Newlands Haugh Texel Rams
Tenders are invited for expressions of interest are sought for the holding of concerts or other events in malahide castle demesne, ardgillan castle demesne and newbridge house demesne.
The path meandered through the demesne lands of the Castle to Preston and Yarm.
Main rival Demesne Tornado is held on last week's form and lid-pinging Impact Fantastic can again settle the issue in a matter of strides.
Crews from Wallasey and Birkenhead fire stations were called to Demesne Street, Seacombe, just after 12.
The billionaire, who died in 2007, is believed to have had the country's biggest private collection of paintings at his Lyons Demesne estate near Celbridge in Co Kildare.
Barbara Williams was savaged on Thursday night at her home on Demesne Road, Wallington.
The green Defender was stolen just after 4pm on Saturday from outside an address in Tritlington Demesne.
The designated zone covers all areas within the boundary of Brighton Street (from the junction of Rappart Road to the junction of Borough Road), Liscard Road (from the junction of Liscard Road to the junction of Borough Road), Borough Road, Rappart Road, Riverview Road and Demesne Street.
Jenny layton of Pontypinna, Vowchurch, an auctioneer with McCartneys, and farmer Richard 'Shandy' Sparey from Demesne Farm, Garway, have used their 30th birthdays to raise pounds 1,832 for Powys air ambulance.
Like most, the family faded into history, but they had the great good sense to pass their house and demesne to the National Trust, which has preserved them as a perfect example of Edwardian Anglo-Ireland as both memory and warning.
Instead we must enter more deeply into a complex ecology in the lush demesne of Queens.
Judging by terms of the law alone, and specifically the Code of 1649, the condition of Russian peasantry appears servile, but Melton demonstrates that enforcement was erratic and that, even in those areas where a demesne economy was successfully established, the labor demanded was lighter than in Poland.