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Demesne is the word to describe all the land retained by a lord of the manor, for their own use, during the feudal period and will have been worked upon by serfs.
50 Satley, Felton Demesne & Warksfield Head, PS80 Throstle Nest, High Alderheads, Hedley Park, Blackburn & Thornbrough Suffolk x (Av PS75.
The second show of the day started with Chinyere's Thumri, followed by Demesne Couture's Escape de Vivre 2017.
Bound by his duties to the crown, Sir Guy must find Lady Katherine, the only surviving heir to the castle, marry her and establish his demesne.
org T This horror comedy classic in the creepy surrounds of the derelict Downhill Demesne.
Tenders are invited for the removal and replacement of the roof, and other ancillary works, at the block of outside public toilets situated in coole/garrryland nature reserve, coole demesne, gort, co.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Avocado 9 Aptly 10 Ladle 11 Extreme 12 Roe 13 Lethargy 16 Sombrero 17 Ire 19 Torpedo 21 Litre 22 Ascot 23 Non-iron DOWN: 1 Gallery 2 Toodle-oo 3 Lame 4 Santiago 5 Stye 6 Tyres 8 Over the moon 13 Libretto 14 Glittery 15 Demesne 18 Steal 20 Rich 21 Lung QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Close the gap 8 Foe 9 Moo 11 Elected 12 Inept 13 Tar 14 Net 15 Chelsea 17 Hum 19 Poor 21 Ugly 23 Reed 25 Puma 27 Dug 29 Grandpa 31 Sty 34 Mop 36 Treat 37 Evasive 38 Ail 39 Led 40 Opera singer DOWN: 1 Cola 2 Leer 3 Satchel 4 Toddle 5 Elite 6 Amen 7 Pope 8 Fetch 10 Otter 16 Ape 18 Mum 20 Odd 22 Gag 24 Explain 25 Pasta 26 Angels 28 Gaped 30 Rotor 32 Trio 33 Yelp 34 Mile 35 Over
The author makes a compelling case that, owing to a legalistic (and subsequently class-based) approach to the topic of demesne agriculture, scholars have ignored evidence demonstrating that eastern and central European agrarian economies were in many respects comparable to their western European counterparts.
Then & Now: The World's Center and the Soul's Demesne
uk LONDONDERRY The National Trust has bluebell walks all across the country but at Downhill Demesne and Hezlett House on May 4 and 5 there's a special event as wardens take guests through the bluebell-filled woods to explain the history of ruined mansion.
The Ramones-style ramalama of Upstarts was an early highlight, while Say Demesne was a slow, brooding atmospheric number.
Main rival Demesne Tornado is held on last week's form and lid-pinging Impact Fantastic can again settle the issue in a matter of strides.
Crews from Wallasey and Birkenhead fire stations were called to Demesne Street, Seacombe, just after 12.
Several broad themes are addressed within The Irish Country House, namely the construction and architectural styles of these buildings and their associated demesne landscapes; the demise of landlordism in the early part of the twentieth century; the fate of these houses in both the Republic and Northern Ireland; the role of music in the Irish country house and the use of "big" houses today as educational facilities and tourist attractions.
The topics include wood pasture in early medieval England, some Devon farms before the Norman Conquest, regional differentiation in farming terminology 1500-1720, peasant names on Glastonbury Abbey's Polden Hills manors between 1189 and 1352, and a Warwickshire case study of the demesne and its labor force in the early Middle Ages.