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Synonyms for demerit

a mark against a person for misconduct or failure

the quality of being inadequate or falling short of perfection


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Time was not given to reflect on the merits, or rather the demerits, of most of the different individuals to whom he alluded, in consequence of the rapid manner in which he ran over their names; but so cunningly did he time his events, and so thrillingly did he make his appeals, aided as they were by the power of his deep-toned and stirring voice, that each of them struck an answering chord in the breast of some one of his auditors.
I must have been very ill employed, if I could not leave its merits and demerits as a whole, to express themselves on its being read as a whole.
Your demerits shall be overlooked, and you shall be mercifully gratified, poor people.
And at the thought, a pang of regret for his demerit seized him; he remembered the things that were good and that he had neglected, and the things that were evil and that he had loved; and it was with a prayer upon his lips that he mounted the steps and thrust the key into the key-hole.
These irregularities of judgment, I imagine, are found even in riper minds than Mary Garth's: our impartiality is kept for abstract merit and demerit, which none of us ever saw.
Negatively, at least, I may be allowed to say, that had I been sensible of any great demerit in the work, you are the last person to whose protection I would have ventured to recommend it.
Deane had succeeded by his own merit, and that what he had to say to young men in general was, that if they didn't succeed too it was because of their own demerit.
If you are doing something stupid, dangerous or irresponsible on our roads over the coming weeks, there is every chance police will catch you and with double demerits you could easily lose your licence, the Minister said.
The venue had also temporarily closed in late April after receiving 21 demerits for health code violations from Southern Nevada Health District officials.
The movers of these adjournment motions have demanded of speaker national assembly Dr Fahmida Mirza to seek opinion of the legislators about merits and demerits of local bodies system before taking any decision about its future.
Tardy to class, 3 demerits; not having your homework, 5 demerits; not wearing the proper attire, 3 demerits; swearing (depending on the choice word or phrase), 5 to 7 demerits; teasing classmates, 2 demerits; pranks, 7 to 15 demerits (depending if they were meant to hurt someone or not); and cheating, 10 to 50 demerits.
Whatever his demerits, he is the only candidate who has the ability to inspire.
TEI can represent the business community only if we hear from you, not only about "big picture" topics (such as consumption taxes, the merits or demerits of a territorial system, and corporate rates) but on smaller ones as well.
He deserves demerits for failing to provide the tools for others to do the job: the new powerless Commons Committee facing stonewalling civil servants has become a farce, while a judicial inquiry with teeth is not due to start until months from now.
His early years at West Point are noted in Academy records, which showed a number of his demerits and inattention to things military.