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a light brown raw cane sugar from Guyana

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a river in northern Guyana that flows northward into the Atlantic

a former Dutch colony in South America

dark rum from Guyana


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light brown cane sugar

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Gently pour the mixture over the panettone and sprinkle with dark chocolate and demerara to give the dessert a nice crunchy topping.
Company records checked by Demerara Waves Online News show that of the five directors, two are Guyanese- Yodhia Persaud, who is the Managing Director of Guygas, and Sheik Rowling Khan who is the Information Technology (IT) expert at IPA Pharmaceutical Agency.
Put the nuts in a pestle and mortar with the Demerara sugar and bash together roughly so the nuts are broken up but not pulverized (alternatively, do this in a food processor).
Remove the bowl from the microwave, add all the remaining ingredients, except the demerara sugar, and stir well to combine.
SERVES 4 Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 30 minutes Ingredients 4 hot cross buns 15g unsalted butter 320ml double cream 100ml whole milk 2 eggs & 1 egg yolk 100g Rachel's Greek Style Natural Yogurt 1 tsp demerara sugar scatter broken into the mix.
Here you go: MARVELLOUS MINT SAUCE 50g demerara sugar 150ml malt vinegar bunch of mint 1 heaped tsp dried mint 1 Put all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.
INGREDIENTS For the cake: 450g self-raising flour 2tsp baking powder 200g butter, plus extra for greasing 350g demerara sugar 6 eggs 150g creme fraiche 25ml peach schnapps or peach juice 100ml peach puree 7 peaches, halved and stoned, or 2 x 400g tins peach halves, drained For the crumble: 60g plain flour 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon 30g butter, diced 30g demerara sugar For the topping: 100g creme fraiche 100g cream cheese 50ml double cream While the cake cools, make the crumble to go on top.
INGREDIENTS 300g plain flour 2tsp baking powder Pinch of salt 100g shelled pistachio nuts, roughly chopped 200g white chocolate, roughly chopped 50g sesame seeds 150g butter, plus extra for greasing 300g demerara sugar 40ml rapeseed oil 40ml sesame oil 2 eggs, lightly beaten 1 vanilla pod, split in half lengthways Flaky sea salt, to finish METHOD 1.
BAKED APPLES INGREDIENTS: 6 eating apples (grown-up helpers: please score around the circumference of each with a small, sharp knife) A handful of sultanas 2 tbsp light muscovado sugar 1 tsp cinnamon A matchbox-size piece of butter 2 tsp demerara sugar METHOD: Turn the oven on to 200 0C/1800C fan/ gas 6.
INGREDIENTS | 8tbsp flour, whole wheat | 8tbsp powdered milk | 1/2tsp garlic powder | 1tsp demerara sugar | 6tbsp meat dripping or margarine | 1 egg, beaten | 4fl oz of ice water METHOD Preheat oven to 350C Lightly oil a biscuit sheet.
Consumers who think brown sugar is healthier than white sugar, that the large-grained demerara sugar is healthier than brown sugar, or that honey is better than any of them, think again -- nutritionally, they're all basically the same, some experts say, commenting on the findings of a new survey of kids' drinks.
The people of Trinidad, Tobago, Grenada, and Demerara inhabited a transient, cosmopolitan world of movement and settlement.
and, having recently acquired newly re-issued Corentyne, Demerara and Berbice licenses, the way has been paved for the company to "cultivate exploration.
BSI is engaged in the production of raw sugar, demerara speciality sugars and white sugar.
For the Demerara sugar meringue: In stainless-steel bowl over