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Demented Are Go formed in around 1982 in the Welsh capital and were one of the first bands to mix punk rock with rockabilly, and they've toured the world ever since with their sonic equivalent of a gore-soaked splatter movie.
Mean vitamin D3 levels were higher in those who were not demented, although the differences did not reach statistical significance.
The chance of being demented with one stroke was about 50%, the chance with two strokes was about 80%, and the chance with three strokes was 100%.
Standard clinical evaluations identified 25 of the patients as cognitively normal, 26 as cognitively impaired, and 15 as demented.
Into this world, this demented inn, in which there is absolutely no room for him at all, Christ has come uninvited.
Opening with Korean director Jang Sun-woo's zany opus, Resurrection of the Little Match Girl, FanTasia featured four Takashi Miike pictures, including one of the Japanese "Wild Man's" best, his typically demented 2001 extravaganza Ichi the Killer.
Between Saiko Kobayashi as a demented Cousin It and drag artist Macks Leger, Madsen and the elegant Alison Cockrill looked like imports from Weimar Germany snaking across the stage in matching menswear.
Darger is in many ways the perfect demented outsider.
Except for the LSAT, the smartass bluejay, which is designed by demented geniuses who have made a science of turning a curve ball into a triple helix, and figured out how to get paid for doing it.
A Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) panel announced a five-year medical plan Wednesday it hopes would lower the number of bedridden and demented elderly and the rate of fatal strokes and cerebral hemorrhages in Japan.
Rich in description and allusions (history, geography, rock bands), Chang's demented dialogue was also highly structured, in almost musical fashion, with constant repetitions and variations - making the language as difficult to pin down as the elusive Chang himself.
However, few investigators have studied medication use patterns in demented or cognitively impaired community-dwelling elderly people.
Terminating life-sustaining treatment for demented patients is such an issue.
Over the years, the general nursing home population has become increasingly demented in its makeup.
The demented group lost more cells in the CA1 than in any other area of the brain examined by the team.