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Synonyms for demeaningly

in a humiliating manner

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You've got the church people who are lambasting and so demeaningly preaching hard against the person and not the sin.
The straw that broke the backs of 99 out of 100 camels (based on a voluntary, non-paid study group) was a new poll that's the statistical equivalent of someone pointing the finger and sniggering demeaningly.
There are exceptions: those counties, for instance, that derive from ancient kingdoms or their peoples: Essex, Sussex and Middlesex - the lands of the East, South and Middle Saxons - and Surrey, a little demeaningly, the southern district of Middlesex; Norfolk and Suffolk - the north and south folk of the kingdom of East Anglia.
This is why the England Cricket Board subsequently became the England and Wales Cricket Board (even though it is still demeaningly abbreviated to just ECB).
Where, presumably, life with his "loyal" wife as he demeaningly referred to her, would continue, punctuated only by the occasional spat from
Approaching the same apartment at night, he observes a group of young women whom he demeaningly describes as "girls--fat, with fat Afros and fat rubber-dark rounded arms and fat false pink pearls" (256).
The only way to stop this happening, is to remove the terrorist's ability to press that detonator - the shoot-to-kill policy to which Steve so demeaningly referred.
The changaro, the vochito and the tele that Fox so demeaningly asserts poor Mexicans desire, have little to do with the true aspirations of those on the bottom rung of this gravely divided society.