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become immaterial

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Printed in gold, the angelic salutation is repeated apparently infinitely, as a chant, poem, incantation and prayer, dematerializing the massive, inert volume of the cube.
As Poussin shows it, she is already dematerializing, unable or unwilling to accept reality.
Finally, the larch carapace has the effect of dematerializing the building mass, another common theme of Kuma's recent work.
I confess that dematerializing, as long as it is done in a melting pot, still seems preferable to demonizing, but then I live in Kansas.
strategic partnerships, Dematco is initially dematerializing insurance
While indebted to Fischer's generation, Elmgreen and Dragset expand on its field of dematerializing art "objects" to include architecture.
Instead, what we see above all are the fugitive human presences that almost intangibly assert themselves amid this play of reflective and transparent surfaces, that haunt these strangely intersecting and enigmatically dematerializing planes.
is engaged in the business of dematerializing or converting financial instruments from paper form to electronic form.