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become immaterial

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Viewed by passers-by, the entire facade appears to dematerialize into a moire mist with the store logo and display windows, cantilevered between the walls, floating in an airiness.
In The Private World, for instance, the image, turned upside down and duplicated, looks like a reflection in a mirror; the wall dematerializes, as if it were an imaginary window onto the outdoors.
Roof and towers are encased in a shimmering skin of lightweight metal mesh that softens and dematerializes their mass.
It dematerializes the landscape and reinstates it as formless fluidity.
Against Venus's polished rhetorical verse (equated with the mimetic or hermetic) which dematerializes the very body it seeks to re-present, the poem's narrative voice asserts the power of dramatic presentation (= Orphic) which "reinstate[s] the body in all its sensuous and organic power" (55).