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Synonyms for dematerialise

become immaterial

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Patrick Georg, General Manager of LuxCSD, said: By cutting the custody fees for equities by 50% we aim to attract more corporates to dematerialise physical shares and to follow the example of BIP Investment Partners.
Using electronic top-up will allow Canal+ Overseas to dematerialise and automate the reselling process of prepaid subscriptions.
Openness and transparency dematerialise the gritty steel and concrete, and a brise-soleil of bristles filters the light.
BCAM is a modestly-scaled H-plan block of skylit galleries, with angled roof-top louvres that are feathered to dematerialise the mass, much like Piano's basket structures on Noumea, or the crown of the New York Times tower, which is now under construction.
O'Herlihy has played a game of hide and seek with their family of extensions so that although the inhabitants feel protected and enclosed, the pavilions, as objects, begin to dematerialise.