demarcation line

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Or, it could lead to a reduction of tension and mutual benefits if Israel agrees to a fair demarcation line with Lebanon, worked out and monitored by independent international experts under United Nations supervision.
Following the Cabinet's move, the Lebanese government will submit to the United Nations a copy of the draft law defining Lebanon's EEZ, which has already been approved, in addition to Monday's decision determining the EEZ's demarcation line as a step toward resuming negotiations with the Cyprus government in order to make Cyprus amend the maritime demarcation agreement it had signed with Israel at Lebanon's expense, AS SAFIR said.
Others described the use of staples after division of the vascular pedicle to carry out transection of the spleen along the cyanotic demarcation line (4).
The demarcation line is a crucial step to promote sustained development and turn Tubli Bay into a tourism destination and environmental haven,' said Cabinet Affairs Minister Kamal Ahmed.
By mid-morning, about half the men had crossed the demarcation line at Quneitra, said ICRC spokeswoman Nadia Dibsy.
We officially inform the south side that the actual crucial measure taken by the KPA to strictly restrict and cut off all the overland passages through the Military Demarcation Line will take effect from Dec.
Its main purpose is to provide a demarcation line for airport construction and no-entry zones.
What name is given to the demarcation line between North and South Korea?
ENI -- Christians from both parts of divided Korea have prayed together for the reunification of their country, which has been split in two by a militarized demarcation line since the end of the 1950-1953 Korean War.
Prizewinning poet Fanny Howe presents The Lyrics, an anthology of free-verse poems embodying the quest for knowledge through movement, while remaining vividly conscious of political and class warfare, and the search for the demarcation line between good and evil in America.
This distorts the color demarcation line, which then has to be brought back into proper alignment.
Is there a demarcation line concerning blasphemous materials we need to be aware of?
They have managed to make a definite demarcation line which did not exist in my youth.
Does Mr Cameron honestly believe that such a person should be allowed to draw a veil - or even a demarcation line - across those past activities?
The war of movement became a static war of constant night patrols across an invisible demarcation line, while men went to their deaths in brief, bloody skirmishes that solved nothing.