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a green andradite used as a gemstone

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Like so many others in town, Luc's most recent brush with abandoning Ambondromfiehy came in May 2009 when he was drawn by the promise of new fortunes to be made from a new strike of demantoid (green garnet), 150 kilometres away.
It was only in November 2008 that French gem dealer Jacque le Quire brought some rough and cut gemstones to the gemological school of the University of Nantes, where they were identified as the andradite variety demantoid (Mocquet et a.
Diamond-bearing eclogite xenoliths * Cat's-eye calcite from Pakistan * Large chatoyant Brazilian emerald * Nonbeadcultured pearls from Strombus gigas * Purple scapolite * Synthetic star sapphire with diffusion-induced colour and star * Partially filled blue chalcedony * Presumably oiled ruby * Inclusions in synthetic star sapphire * Diamond slices * Large Namibian demantoid * Nephrite from British Columbia * Baroque cultured pearls * Ruby from Namya, Myanmar * Rock Creek sapphire update * Unusual tourmaline necklace * Conference reports.
Visiting the site of Madagascar's new demantoid locality near the village of Antetezambato is a memorable adventure.
Although oriented toward mineral collectors, some items of interest to gemmologists that appeared in 2014 include tourmaline from Brazil, Tanzania and Nepal; gem-quality wurtzite and colour-change axinite-(Mg) from Merelani, Tanzania; demantoid from Iran; benitoite from California; and daylight-luminescent hyalite opal from Mexico (as reported in this issue of The Journal).
Several shelves of a big glass wall case facing the front door were decked out in green and orange--superlative demantoid specimens alternating with big, gemmy trapezohedrons of Tanzanian spessartine.
com), whose proprietor, Emanuele Marini, had filled a whole standing case with excellent demantoid specimens in a wide range of sizes.
Opaque brown andradite crystals, most commonly rhombic-dodecahedral, are not uncommon in the mine, but the beautiful, gemmy green trapezohedral crystals of the demantoid variety are extremely rare.
The demantoid crystals and crystal clusters are fairly small, perhaps 3-4 mm across, but they cover the matrix almost completely.
3) Demantoid garnet from Quebec (clean, lively gems up to 2.
The Museum of Milan had some really fine demantoid crystals on matrix from Italy.
Remember, the Soviet Union was s011 in existence, and the only demantoid garnet deposits known at that time were locked up within its borders.
Leonard Himes of Minerals America was selling them and told me that the only association was some fibrous material looking like the mountain leather that demantoid from Italy is usually found in.
Among those that caught my eye were a single demantoid gem crystal from Erongo that would make a super thumbnail, and some unusual parisite crystals from Malawi, in clusters up to 5 x 5 cm, fascinating in their form.
Some of the recent mining activities of the Stone Flower Company include: Polar Urals--Kechpel for jadeite (1993-1994); Ural Mountains--Kakodino mine for demantoid (1995-1998); Caucasus Mountains, Dashkesan mine, Azerbaijan for quartz, epidote, magnetite, calcite, garnet, and amethyst (1996 to present); Caucasus Mountains, Kapuldzhyk, Azerbaijan for rutile (1999 to present); and Pamir Mountains, Kyrgyzstan for ruby, quartz, and demantoid (1999 to present).