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Synonyms for demanding

Synonyms for demanding

Antonyms for demanding

requiring more than usually expected or thought due

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To qualify on this table Soldiers had to hit 24 out of 48, which is not demandingly difficult; however, after this range Soldiers' confidence in their rifles skyrocketed.
Zena was attractive and had a Circe-like character, so that many men fell for her, including William Walton and Eugene Goossens, but none, in the event, wished to marry her, owing perhaps to an aggressive streak in her character and her highly developed and demandingly sensual appetite.
8930 and the courts have demandingly applied the "discovery test.
While this level of review may seem demandingly detailed, every one of these items has been known to lead to misunderstandings and frustration when not properly attended to.
Some people talk avidly, demandingly of Flannery's technique in "The Cask of Amontillado"; what they want in his work is method, which can never be too rigorous or too formal for their taste.
The Jesuits found that if they pushed their appeal too demandingly, the bishops became alienated or peevish.
There is, in Canadian socialism, no text more demandingly utopian and apocalyptic than this one, the polar opposite of the "sane and sensible" language beloved of the CCF.
In Salve Deus, Lanyer sets herself the far more difficult task of presenting as equally and demandingly urgent the spiritual as well as material desires of herself, her dedicatees and her readers; these desires, she goes on to imply, are equally and demandingly deserving of serious and respectful representation.
As customers browse around the shop sipping Chingwoo, Formose Dragon Noir, or Ceylon Kenilworth from a fine porcelain bowl, the atmosphere changes from just shopping to become that of a gathering of friends immersed in gentle conversation, comparing taste and preference, enjoying this civilized moment in a demandingly busy day.
And their requirements are not confined to having, as Salt N Pepa so simply and demandingly put it, `a body like Arnold with a Denzel face'.
Sometimes demandingly technical and detail-dense, Mills' very substantial study rewards the effort.
His critical work has a broader cultural reference, is written more demandingly in style.
The marketing channel is tremendously powerful and at the same time demandingly complicated, Elaine O'Gorman told attendees at DMA's Direct Marketing to Business (DMB) Conference held in Orlando, Fla.
There are generous landing areas off the tee, a handful of forced carries to uphill targets and demandingly steep, crowned greens
I think of historical fiction as any sort of fiction and judge it as demandingly as literary fiction.