demand note

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a note payable on demand

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It is issued to the authorised DJB staff and on the basis of the demand note, DJB issues a cheque of a consolidated amount in accordance with the particulars of the note it is deposited at a cash counter.
The robber, a white male believed to be 16 to 18 years old, was unarmed and wearing a green sweatshirt with a gray hood when he delivered a demand note to the Umpqua Bank at 5251 Main St.
One of the applicants, with computerised application number 0739120552, had complained to the MD that after payment of demand note Faraz Nadeem, executive engineer concerned, adopted delaying tactics in giving the gas connection.
The Tax Court ruled the advances were not loans because they were unsecured, were demand notes with no fixed maturity date, lacked an unconditional obligation of repayment and would not be repaid unless Indmar recorded a profit.
Once inside the bank, ROWELL approached a teller station and handed one of the tellers a demand note that was written on a Burger King receipt.
The gangsters prepared a demand note for the addicts, drove them to the bank, and told them how to present the note to an individual teller.
In addition to amounts outstanding under the Demand Note, approximately $600,000 has been advanced by JPMorgan to the Trustee for Trust expenses incurred subsequent to April 27, 2009 relating to the administration of the Trust.
One of the applicant having computerised application No 0739120552 told the MD that after payment of demand note and despite his (MD's) order, the executive engineer concerned was using delaying tactics and not installing connection at the Lahore Press Club Housing Scheme.
Witnesses told police that the robber approached a bank teller, presented her with a demand note, then left the store after obtaining an undisclosed amount of cash, Springfield police Sgt.
It was decided that the demand note of IESCO for the connection of electricity would be deposited before June 10 to avoid any sort of inconvenience and delay in getting electricity connection.
The bridge financing is in the form of a one-year demand note at an interest rate of 1.
This is not your typical demand note - these are violent takeover robberies.
A demand note is treated as a short-term note, and thus has the lowest interest rate.
5% for long-term notes over nine years originating in mid-1993), taxpayers may wish to convert open demand note to fixed-term obligations.
Police said the robber approached a clerk with a demand note, obtained an undisclosed amount of cash then left the supermarket through its west doors.