demand deposit

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a bank deposit from which withdrawals can be made without notice

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I welcome the opportunity to testify on behalf of the Federal Reserve Board on issues related to interest on demand deposits and interest on balances held at Reserve Banks.
The Impact of Mortgage Activity on Recent Demand Deposit Growth," Economics Letters (February 1990), pp.
The solution was designed to address the changing retail demand deposit landscape and give banks new options for the most effective, profitable demand deposit account (DDA) opening.
Chen Yi-tuan, deputy director of the economic research department of the CBC, pointed out that it remains to be seen whether local people will transfer their funds from demand deposit accounts to time deposit accounts, due to the issue of the stock transaction gains tax.
The solution provides access to a financial institution's demand deposit system for on-line authorizations and for posting settlement items.
banks about their strategies to address the repeal of Regulation Q, which makes it possible for banks to pay interest on demand deposits.
The Board strongly supports allowing the Federal Reserve System to pay interest on required and excess reserve balances held by depository institutions at the Federal Reserve Banks, and it supports allowing banks to pay interest on demand deposits.
Intrasweep offers its Demand Deposit Marketplace(SM) (DDM), a product that enables banks to acquire stable deposits to increase loanable funds, send deposits off their balance sheet to generate income, and exchange reciprocal deposits with other banks to maximize their customers' FDIC insurance coverage without decreasing their deposit base.
For the task # 2 - The Purchaser waives demand deposit
Banks interested in participating in Demand Deposit Marketplace are encouraged to contact info@intrasweep.
For task 2 E[cedilla] 12 - The Purchaser waives demand deposit
First, demand deposit accounts are likely to have relatively high transaction costs because of frequent deposits and withdrawals.
Offering Credit, Demand Deposit Account, Liquidity and Funding, and Safekeeping services to member financial institutions and other authorized users, Bank4Banks is a private-access, secure, transactional and informational web site.
Depth of Integration - BANKLINK offers online real-time integration across all major payment systems, including all major core commercial and consumer demand deposit account and loan servicing systems.
Payments can be made using debit and credit cards, as well as demand deposit (DDA) checking and savings accounts.