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impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace

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The case of Nepal unmistakably suggests that unless political actors are ready to shed ideologies and stand unwaveringly steadfast in the search for constitutionalism on the positive grounds inspired by the idea of the rule of law, constitutionalism succumbs to the claws of political demagogy.
Clearly White House military and economic moves and Congressional anti-China demagogy are aimed at weakening China's trading position and forcing its business minded leaders into privileging US banking and business interests over and above their own enterprises.
The appearance of a brigade of the out-of-work outside the temples and corridors of money and power along Wall Street was enough to drive many of mainstream media's talking heads and Washington's bought-and-paid-for politicians into a frenzy of fear-mongering and demagogy.
Professor Biljana Vankovska comments that the last elections showed that the two major political parties in Macedonia are competing in the same discipline - demagogy coupled with populism.
If we tolerate such demagogy now, we will have to tolerate the many African Gaddafis who are amongst our rulers, who will one day do the same to us.
He refers to himself as a historian, but apparently his personal study of history has primarily taught him about the effectiveness of demagogy.
Add a louder voice, less varied in tone, a more unbroken stretch of emotional appeal, more demagogy, and you have Hitler.
The establishment of the Council today attests to an abiding desire to steer clear of demagogy and improvisation as we strive to build our democratic development model on a solid foundation," the Sovereign added.
The happening of the people (associated with the horrible end of former Yugoslavia), which started with "spontaneous protests" of the Kosovo Serbs who travelled as far as to Ljubljana) is in connection with the abuse of the people, with ethno-political mobilization, populism, and demagogy of various leaders who present themselves as saviors.
Through the experience of the Resistance, in which he took an active part between 1943 and 1945, Calvino became aware for the first time of a world that until then had remained in the shadow, hidden by the glamorous images of international tourism and modernization that played a major role in the demagogy of fascism.
Using his right-wing government as an excuse for his inability to engage the Palestinians in earnest is nothing short of demagogy.
Such a framework, he argued "gives rise to polarisations that absolve and forgive ignorance and demagogy more than they enable knowledge" (1993: 31), a view echoed by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak's work (1997: 254).
According to reports, it appeared to be a case of singling out a community, creating an easy scapegoat, ethnically-based penalty, trying to gain political capital by targeting helpless people, attempting to divert attention from serious issues, racism, avoiding underlying issues and solving real problems, demagogy, pushing xenophobic logic, exploiting the populist sensitivities, scandalous, racist targeting, etc.
And it is in this ample field of inconsistencies and incongruities that demagogy operates and society manifests its elasticity; it is here that vital processes--the movements of ordinary daily existence--act.
What if, in the American public square--governed as it is by hustle, pretense, demagogy, and vanity--we have reached the point at which the sham is authentic and the authentic is sham?