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Synonyms for demagogue


Synonyms for demagogue

a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices

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One of the few benefits of British colonialism is that English is widely spoken on both sides, and the temper of both communities is also heavily secular, but there has been enough mutual distrust in Greek-Turkish history for demagogues to work on.
This Texas is led, not by good-old-boy businessmen and political demagogues, but by a visionary and earnest elite of entrepreneurs, engineers, reformist politicians, and dedicated civil servants, many of them self-made men and women, often with backgrounds in the military.
Such conditions enable demagogues to exploit religion or nationalism for terroristic purposes.
Wise Bulgarian educators realized that educating a generation of children to think like mathematicians would help reverse their reliance on political demagogues.
During the 1880s and 1890s antisemitic demagogues fashioned antipathies into a coherent antisemitic ideology, disseminated antisemitism far and wide using up to date means of communication, mobilized opinion through parties and interest groups, and added a "scientific" cachet with the concept of race.
Much of what is being said by political demagogues and journalists are beyond the bounds even of insanity.
The truth is that the so-called war on terror has only helped the demagogues in promoting their agenda.
Unfortunately, since the turn of the 20th century, there has been a precipitous decline in the political and economic understanding of the American people, allowing demagogues and charlatans to confuse and obscure.
As lifelong Californians, we have witnessed the systematic demise of our great state by the Democratic demagogues.
Attacking and demonizing the federal courts has always been the blood sport of demagogues and those with small minds.
However craven the networks could be, Doherty also documents the ways that television facilitated "forums of the air" that made room for debate and ultimately undercut demagogues such as Tailgunner Joe.
Demagogues have regularly used religion as the core of their power grab.
The defamation of artists and intellectuals as social parasites and government-supported demagogues hostile to the state that had already begun in the early '90s would be voiced with increasing frequency.
Since then, history has confirmed time and again that majorities need protection from demagogues, and minorities need protection from majorities.