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Synonyms for demagoguery

impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace

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That glimpse of poverty in that cotton field that sunny day gave me a new understanding of Huey Long and the millions of nearly destitute folks, in Louisiana and across the South who were so victimized by demagoguery and corruption.
Henry George and Jacob Riis used poverty demagoguery to shape public opinion that society should help the poor.
Since martyrdom rhetoric has often cloaked abuses against humanist values, humanists should consider this alternative: Nichol's presidential legacy is a form of tribalism and demagoguery every bit as arrogant and mean as the extremes of social conservatism.
Real democracy censors demagoguery that seeks to stifle the historical rights of cultural and religious traditions.
Granted, it took an act of Congress to transform a relatively private muddle into an occasion for clown-show demagoguery.
The hurling of veiled invectives about hypothetical events exacerbates the worst in human nature and reinforces demagoguery.
Now with the latest sea-change in the American political scene on a national level, "Faith And Politics" can continue to contribute to the national dialogue with Senator Danforth's suggestions and recommendations of how to heal the divisive wounds caused by the last sixteen years of political demagoguery from politicians who courted favor with Christian fascists.
There's a high demagoguery coefficient to issues like prayer in schools.
Few will doubt the impact that George Bush, as the 43rd American President, has had in generating an over abundance of political dialogue, demagoguery, disputation, and debate.
However, his demagoguery ignored the point that such solutions as "child-resistant" caps on medicine or locks on guns also may lead householders to believe, falsely, that such items are now "safe.
The most effective way to open minds to the diversity is to educate via the mass media, building conscience and hope in a future with less demagoguery and more social progress.
Part of the difficulty in countering demagoguery is that we offer no magic bullet, only honesty.
Worrisome is the possibility that the Japanese leader would revert to right-wing demagoguery as an election strategy of uniting conservative voters.
Rich Lowry writes that a speech by Hillary Clinton should have come with a sign attached: ``Warning - more demagoguery ahead
Second, the reaction against democracy and president Hipolito Yrigoyen's alleged demagoguery led to an alliance between conservatives forces (the heirs of the Partido Autonomista Nacional) and the landowners.