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Synonyms for demagoguery

impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace

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There is no demagoguery and he knows what he wants.
In the end, America will reject this fearmongering and demagoguery, as it has in the past.
But don't expect some rabble-rousing sectarian demagoguery from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.
Rick Scott was expected to sign the bill-passed overwhelmingly in both houses-in short order, so Wasserman Schultz had to hustle if she was going to get her demagoguery for the day in before HB 633 is law.
These villages are known for their kindness and rejection of terrorism and demagoguery that do not reflect their good and authentic mettle and qualities," he said.
He is just a demagogue but his demagoguery in this issue is transforming many people into anti-Semites.
Obama's effort at emotional blackmail has failed, and in bitterly lashing out at those who called him out on his demagoguery, he went some distance toward confirming that he is, in fact, a demagogue.
Moussa owes his startling political ascendance primarily to one thing: his shameless exploitation of anti-Israel demagoguery for political gain," writes Eric Trager.
Death panels," a deeply perverse piece of demagoguery from 2009, resonated widely in part because it accurately depicts an aspect of the cultural sensibility, which is that palliative care equals end of life and that death is imminent.
It is hardly demagoguery to point out that concentrated wealth has too much political power.
Anti-Muslim demagoguery in the referendum campaign was evidence that "interreligious peace is not a given and must constantly be reestablished.
Speaking to reporters after attending a conference on regional security cooperation in Manama, Mottaki criticized the western's demagoguery in dealing with Iran and said, "We have explicitly declared that Iran is ready to exchange some 400 kilograms of 3.
From the political right as exemplified by the Fox News channel, to the right as represented by 'Real Time with Bill Maher', the American public is deluged with misinformation, misrepresentation, hysteric demagoguery, and fear mongering when it comes to the Swine Flu phenomena.
If you want a real statement of demagoguery, it is Obama stating that he has a mandate of the people for whatever he is' doing.