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Synonyms for demagogue


Synonyms for demagogue

a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular passions and prejudices

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The demagogue thrives on dichotomies: the 'us' versus 'they' syndrome.
The German people thought they were taking part in a democratic process but Mrs Thatcher was right to claim that they are a device for "dictators and demagogues" - Nigel Farage is a demagogue - and have nothing to do with representative democracy.
One demagogue after another in Europe tried to stigmatise Jews as money-grubbers, fifth-columnists and international conspirators.
WASHINGTON: A prominent Republican activist and fundraiser says she will back Democrat Hillary Clinton for president and give money to her campaign to stop her party's nominee Donald Trump, repudiating him as a dangerous demagogue.
Trump is a bully and a demagogue with bigotry and hatred as the cornerstone of his campaign.
The true mark of the illiberal demagogue is talk of "betrayal.
He is a demagogue, who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator.
In a 1973 book that I wrote I defined a demagogue as, "A person who takes political advantage of social and political unrest through the use of highly emotional and prejudiced appeals to the general population or a particular segment of the general population.
March 14 supporters know what they want and are not a demagogue mob to spoil the lives of the citizens.
You call Beck a nut-job demagogue, and we should call you, to be polite, a simple-minded liberal hack/fraud who sounds like a nut-job demagogue," wrote Joe Plumitallo.
He parcels them into two categories: demagogue and demaslave.
21 (ANI): In 1924, a French spy had described Adolf Hitler as "the German Mussolini" who was "not an idiot but a very cunning demagogue," a recently discovered document has revealed.
Former City Controller Laura Chick blasted new City Attorney Carmen Trutanich on Wednesday, saying he is a demagogue who lied to win her influential backing for his campaign.
Internationally, Ahmadinejad is known as a hard-line demagogue who has angered most of the world by saying Israel should be wiped off the map, by hosting an international conference of Holocaust deniers, and most of all, by pressing ahead with Iran's suspected nuclear-weapons program in defiance of the United Nations and most Western countries.
Was he a precursor to the Reformation, an Italian Wycliffe or simply a power-hungry puritan (the author prefers 'fundamentalist') demagogue in love with his own rhetoric and power over others?