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characteristic of or resembling a demagogue


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Regressive policies on the minimum wage have nothing to do with "saving social security" (as Lula demagogically claimed), but are instead a way to accumulate an exorbitant budget surplus to pay wealthy bondholders who are a high priority for the big-business cabinet.
ZB: I think since 9-11, the Democratic leadership has been in disarray and essentially following the president's lead, with some of its top figures actually acting as cheerleaders for the president's demagogically defined war.
There is a considerable gap between the stated goals of these organizations, which are theoretically and demagogically supported by their founder states, and what they actually can do.
Moreover, certain demagogically anti-American books cited earlier do substantiate his accusations.
The 9/11 connection is ceaselessly, demagogically promoted by the Administration.
A concept's shallowness as an analytical device may allow it to be more formidable as a rhetorical or ideological one, for while seeming scholarly, it is elastic enough to mean anything that is demagogically useful.
Johnson (1998, 36) writes: "Thus Hitler and the Nazis were enabled in no small measure to seize power by demagogically exploiting popular--and populist--outrage at the banking system, the Depression, and capitalism in general.
Yet in the put-them-all-in-prison-frenzy of the past twenty years, politicians have demagogically attacked federal aid to people in prison, despite the fact that no pers on outside of prison was ever denied a grant because someone inside received one and despite the insignificant amount of money actually granted to prisoners.
The numbers in our examples ar e arbitrary, but in contrast with those of Behe, they are more relevant to the real world of biology and, even more importantly, they are not demagogically misinterpreted.
It is hypocritical to talk about making the United Nations more democratic while in the democracies themselves citizens are undemocratically and demagogically deceived about and provoked against it by their very own leaders and media.
And George Bush, standing before a sign that read "GOD," tried demagogically to secure electoral advantage by complaining that the word God was absent from the election platform of the Democratic Party
But I submit there is a difference between demagogically using an issue to your political advantage and not discussing the issue at all.
The fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future" - demagogically suggesting a benevolent, superior West confronting a belligerent, hostile, inferior Muslim world.
In a Nation column demagogically titled "Even Worse Than Orwell" [June 5] Cockburn evolved the following series of conclusions from the available evidence:
To be sure, the theoretical equality or closeness of leader and follower can be used demagogically to make slaves of the followers.