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Synonyms for demagogical

characteristic of or resembling a demagogue


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He argued that the "radical and demagogical party" (the socialists) had no "idealistic goals.
First, the long, nasty and highly politicized electoral process in Mexico did make for a lot of speculation as to whether or not certain reforms to the Constitution or political moves by the President, Governors or some members of their cabinets were strategic official moves on behalf of the so called "interest of the state" or pure demagogical measures serving campaign goals.
The new American approach has robbed the radicals of the demagogical value of its traditional antiAmerican rhetoric.
AaAa The speaker railed against the leak orchestrated for "purely political and demagogical ends" with the aim of harming the good relations between Morocco and the European Union (EU).
We should be interested not for prosecutorial purposes, but in order to gain a more profound understanding of a bloody, demagogical, and tyrannical Utopia -- and of human weakness and vulnerability.
Yet without doing their homework their reaction to Al-Bashir indictment was hysterical and demagogical.
and like the evil sway of all demagogical tyrants in all ages (consider,
protectors, he rises by mid-play to a certain demagogical eloquence.
Any reasonable person has to understand that, historically, enormous gratitude is owed to the movements that, immediately after the end of World War II, succeeded in absorbing and moderating the often unruly masses, which, exasperated by the pace of modernization, were otherwise prone to being captured by the demagogical stances of radical populist and nationalist orators.
said during the House floor debate on the Weldon-Stupak bill: "We are either going to decide to go with the people who understand this stuff and the people who have compassion in their hearts for these people with these diseases, or we are going to fall prey to this Luddite anti-scientific and demagogical approach.
The film offers James Woods in the sort of role he was born to play - a brilliant, take-charge guy with a little bit of the demagogical thug about him - and he can be galvanizing.
In 1998, in the midst of acute public morosity in Italy caused by a wave of public scandals, John Paul II made a strong intervention, imbued with Christian realism, denouncing demagogical attacks upon political leaders and institutions:
Yet, even with her routine demagogical denunciations, the opposition seems unsatisfied.
asks [Williams], who regards my practices to be demagogical, and [Bernard-Donals] finds as a mark of violence in my texts that "The interlocutor really is absent" from them.
The functioning of a totalitarian state is a never ending subject, which can be approached from many perspectives: political, sociological, demagogical, psychological, etc.