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Synonyms for demagogic

characteristic of or resembling a demagogue


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However, this decision does not end, at least for a few years, this demagogic policy of increasing wages.
In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated that "these demagogic and barbarian acts represent flagrant violation to the international convictions and norms, and the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 which all safeguard the security and protection to the Diplomatic Missions.
But, great and demagogic politicians turn their backs when it comes to matters of human safety.
They found it easier to cope with the demagogic movement instead of facing it.
Observer Arsim Zekoli in Utrinski vesnik comments that Gruevski and Ahmeti came to terms with the fact that Zaev has fully revealed the demagogic cloth of their pathetic rickety nudity.
I absolutely reject a demagogic and populist approach which some (parties) try to instil in public opinion, where the parties and their leaders go beyond the country's interests and aspirations," he said.
Erdogan, a proudly demagogic Islamist, thinks Muslims discovered America, centuries before Columbus got there.
But left-leaning politicians have said the law would tie Israel's hands in future talks, with Zehava Gal-On of the Meretz party accusing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "capitulating to the extreme right and supporting a demagogic law.
Zehava Gal-On of the dovish Meretz party said the amendment would tie Israel's hands in future talks, and accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of "capitulating to the extreme right and supporting a demagogic law".
PPD leader Muhamed Halili assessed that BDI's offer is demagogic and egoistic.
Observers smashed the reaction of the prime minister as demagogic, saying that all politicians carried their part of responsibility for the development.
However, abstract and demagogic reasoning about the statehood or sovereignty should not replace the responsible foreign
The Free Patriotic Movement is adopting a demagogic policy through intimidating Christians with Muslims, and this utterly refused," he added.
They are invited to rationalise their political discourses, to adopt the basic principles of democracy and political pluralism, and to abandon populist, demagogic and exclusionary discourses.
It stressed the detrimental effect of demagogic sermons and instigating children into taking part in protests.