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Synonyms for demagogic

characteristic of or resembling a demagogue


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One can only assume that the term is being used as demagogic rhetoric.
However, for Venezuela to solve its problems, Maduro will have to leave aside demagogic policies for more concrete ones.
The Free Patriotic Movement is adopting a demagogic policy through intimidating Christians with Muslims, and this utterly refused," he added.
They are invited to rationalise their political discourses, to adopt the basic principles of democracy and political pluralism, and to abandon populist, demagogic and exclusionary discourses.
It stressed the detrimental effect of demagogic sermons and instigating children into taking part in protests.
President Hadi expressed deepest regret for the incident, saying that assaulters were demagogic groups do not aware of the far-goals schemes of Zionist forces, especially those ones, who have authored and published the insulting movie.
The parallels with its demagogic, messianic title character are only too obvious, and serve as the hook for this 2009 Deutsche Oper Berlin production.
Demagogic, perhaps, but in 1936 FDR would carry every state but Maine and Vermont.
Hopefully, such an effort will defuse certain politicians' propensity to use misinformation and demagogic scare tactics either to attain or to stay in office.
He added that these demagogic statements by a senior party official are reprehensible and irresponsible and do not indicate good intentions toward governments and peoples of the region.
South Sudan cannot be made to be at the mercy of very unpredictable police state like the Republic of Sudan ruled by demagogic Islamists who can blatantly commit an act of theft in broad day light without shame.
WORKING in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, I have been able to observe the methods of their demagogic nationalist politicians.
This irresponsible and insufferably demagogic behaviour was repeated on December 15 when Christofias' children made a theatrical appearance as they mingled with the civil servants who were protesting against the measures and shouting abuse at the MPs outside the parliament building.
Without it, democracies crumble and become populist, demagogic, or authoritarian.
The three mentions of Australia in the book touch on the influence of syndicalism in the development of communist ideology, the demagogic intervention of Billy Hughes in support of the white Australia policy at the Versailles settlement and a note that the conservative party in Australia calls itself Liberal.