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erase (a magnetic storage device)


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Controls for electro-permanent chucks send electrical pulses of a few seconds' duration to the chuck's control magnet, either magnetizing or demagnetizing the other poles of the chuck.
Checked For Slippering Force,Waterproof Test,Electrical & Demagnetizing Test.
One of the causes of body deformation is the effect of magnetostatics, which causes the sample to elongate along the applied magnetic field (a uniform field in this case) to minimize the demagnetizing field opposing the applied field.
A typical magnetic mold change involves bringing both mold halves together, securing the mold halves, demagnetizing the platens, and then lifting the mold out of the press with a crane or rolling it out to the side with a ram and roller system.
Some time back, there was a fixation among certain members of the audio establishment that involved demagnetizing compact discs to improve their sound.
Options include electro-magnetic chucks, magnetic dust separator, a coolant system with pump, automatic demagnetizing control, and side and angle dressers.
Residual Magnetism Automatic Inbuilt Demagnetizing System , Residual Magnetism Less Than 2 A/Cm.