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erase (a magnetic storage device)


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The Koha ILS used is Linux debian The needs of the Community: The current fleet of demagnetizers / magnetisers is 25 machines.
After years of living in the fantasy land of outboard DACs, high-priced cable, CD demagnetizers, I finally had to face the truth.
This training generally takes from 1 to 2 years to complete and involves learning to diagnose and repair various problems, as well as how to work on a lathe, fabricate tools and watch parts, and use special equipment such as demagnetizers.
Several types of demagnetizers have been used, including portable, hand-held units for large workpieces, plate-type units for bulk demagnetization of quantities of small components, and aperture demagnetizers for parts ranging from small bearing races to large machine castings and die blocks.
A complete line of demagnetizers for reducing residual magnetism in molds is available.