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erase (a magnetic storage device)


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At this time, the contiguous slabs are demagnetized and the temperature decreases.
Also the tapes are quite old now, so many of them have become demagnetized.
Such demagnetized ink is then used for creating an image by dispersing the ink material on or under the skin to make a functional, tattoo like image.
A large capacitor is employed in the front-end as a low-pass filter, so as to keep a steady DC-link voltage as well as store the magnetic field energy when the SRM is demagnetized.
Then it is demagnetized, taking care to keep it heat-insulated.
Just minutes later, as I was trying to replace my demagnetized room key, I ran into David Barton at the check-in desk.
eff](f), of the microstrip line geometry for demagnetized state, are computed from the following equations as [15, 18]
If you have transparently good and altruistic ideas, are selfless about who gets he credit for them, and sufficiently driven to achieve results, the NHS is a wonderful place--its like a demagnetized iron--apply a sufficiently persuasive external field, and the domains line up, generating far more force and direction than expected.
Some local residents were understandably shocked by his statements, perhaps wondering how Barry's moral compass had become so demagnetized that it pointed him toward four divorces and a dramatic arrest for smoking crack cocaine with an undercover cop he thought was a prostitute.
The magnetic domain structures for two Fe-Si GO strips cut at 0[degrees] with the rolling direction (RD) in demagnetized state can be observed in figure 4.
Ambiguous couplings, fights in public, tales of morning-after walks-of-shame, like Jen's, in a mini-skirt and boots, to the front desk to replace a demagnetized key card.
A homegrown contest inspired by New Line's upcoming Jack Black starrer "Be Kind Rewind"--in which Black and videostore worker Mas Def cover up the loss of demagnetized videotapes by shooting their own mini remakes--had wannabe filmmakers flooding Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with their own low-tech redos of famous films.
When he returned to his room from the gym, his electronic key card had become demagnetized and would not unlock the door.
In this case, adiabatic magnetization and demagnetization are isentropic processes; therefore, when the material is subsequently demagnetized, its temperature will return to its original, zero-field value.