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erase (a magnetic storage device)


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The magnetic domain structures for two Fe-Si NO strips cut at 0[degrees] with the rolling direction (RD) in demagnetized state can be observed in figure 5.
The bed is demagnetized as it rotates out of the permanent magnet (Figure 3c), causing the temperature of the bed to decrease.
Do they have to be cleaned, demagnetized, or decontaminated before subsequent use?
The results of the Alvin magnetic survey show the presence of a narrow, pipelike body of demagnetized crust directly beneath the mound, inferred to reflect the upflow zone that channels the hydrothermal fluids to the surface there.
Also, he says, a higher degree of technology may be required to repair a demagnetized rotor or feedback sensors on brushless d-c motors.
Product parts and materials with the most diverse dimensions can be demagnetized without adapting process parameters or compromising performance.
All three of these zones trend north-northwest (and occasionally north-south) and demonstrate demagnetized zones that extend down to between 200 m and 500 m depth.
Coercivity is the tendency of a magnetic material to resist becoming demagnetized.
Some specimens were demagnetized thermally but did not yield meaningful results due to mineralogical changes after heating above 300[degrees]C, as indicated by distinct increase in magnetic susceptibility and intensity of the NRM.
Further tests revealed that the organic substances remained magnetic at temperatures up to 200[degrees]C and suggested that they could be easily demagnetized, a valuable trait in some applications.
The bed is demagnetized when it rotates out of the magnetic field (Figure 1c), causing the temperature of the bed to decrease.
However, they are less susceptible to environmental factors such as leaks and cannot be demagnetized, as tapes can.
Two samples from CA1, two from CA5 and one from CA4 were thermally demagnetized.
Cycle-select switches on the FluxaTron unit allow a choice of either magnetized or demagnetized cycles.