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erase (a magnetic storage device)


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Another method would be to use a hardware device called a 'degausser,' which uses strong magnetic fields to demagnetize a drive--destroying the data in the process.
Electrical power is only required for 1-2 seconds to initially magnetize or demagnetize the mold.
Patients with cochlear implants may want to steer clear of certain magnetic imaging devices such as 3T MRI machines, because the machines can demagnetize the patient's implant, according to research published in the December 2008 issue of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.
After much aggravation, I stumbled upon this problem and had a watch maker demagnetize the adjoining magnetized parts--and that is my secret, after working on many WICO and Fairbanks mags over 50 years in the Gravely garden tractor business.
We planted a magnetic strip in each book (or at least in a reasonably high percentage of books), which we had to demagnetize before it could pass through the exit gate without triggering an alarm.
Just as you would remove an undesired magnetic field built up within a CRT display to improve picture quality, you can degauss or demagnetize a current probe to remove any residual magnetization.
SRR3 in (12) accounts for formations where the fusion with the bases yields an adscriptive/attributive reading, as in the following formations: defrost, decentralize, demagnetize, unsanctify, decontaminate.
This is required to optimally demagnetize the outer-most permalloy shield.
Idle disks may start to lose data and start to demagnetize after a year or two, unless they are spun-up every 30 days.
Electrical pulses lasting 20 millisec completely demagnetize the ALNICO magnet when it is time to remove the mold.
Paying somebody to demagnetize your disc, or doing it yourself, will not improve its sound at all.
High magnetic linkage can demagnetize the permanent magnets with high armature current during either high-current accelerations or decelerations.