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Synonyms for demagnetize

erase (a magnetic storage device)


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Paying somebody to demagnetize your disc, or doing it yourself, will not improve its sound at all.
Watchmakers have to deal regularly with the issue of magnetism, as it is necessary for them to demagnetize mechanical watches whose performance has been compromised by exposure to magnetic fields, a problem that will be solved with the new movement.
Current is only used during the couple of seconds that it takes to magnetize or demagnetize the mold during mold change.
That type of brush can scratch or demagnetize them.
If the bit becomes too small, the magnetic energy holding the bit in place may also become so small that thermal energy can cause it to demagnetize.
Demagnetize the tape machines, clean up the uplink or upgrade the downlink because we've run out of Windex.
Clean the casting of any inspection medium residue and demagnetize.
This revolutionary technology makes it possible to demagnetize workpieces of all dimensions or several individual parts at the same time.