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Synonyms for deluxe

Synonyms for deluxe

rich and superior in quality

elegant and sumptuous


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Acquiring a team of highly skilled seasoned professionals, Storage Deluxe appears to have cemented a winning formula for new site acquisition, construction and consumer marketing.
We also met with executive chef Andrew Selvaggio, who told us: "At the core of each one of the Deluxe products is a sophisticated taste.
WORST- Arby's Bac 'N Cheddar Deluxe With 10 grams of fat, Arby's Light Roast Beef Deluxe Sandwich is the leanest around.
In addition, the Deluxe Corporation Foundation will contribute $25,000 to the American Red Cross in support of relief efforts for communities impacted by the recent tornadoes.
For additional information about Deluxe Financial Services and community banking products customers can visit deluxe.
Jack Greenberg, head of McDonald's domestic operations, and other company executives met with securities analysts and portfolio managers Tuesday, disclosing in closed-door meetings that a review of the Deluxe line is under way.
95 for 18 installments, free if you have the deluxe edition.
WillCreator Deluxe provides families and individuals with such easy-to-use legal forms as final wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, final arrangements and other documents essential to protecting themselves and the future security of their families and dependents.
First Aid 95 Deluxe found my misplaced DLL - that's Dynamic Link Library - and put it back in the right place.
says, "The DiscTag Enabled workflow gives producers, like Deluxe, a way to manufacture Blu-ray or HD DVD with better results & ease of use than even standard DVD.
Cingular Deluxe and Corporate Deluxe developers are offered complimentary Symbian Affiliate status, providing early and free access to Symbian reference materials.
Deluxe Financial Services announced today that it plans to add as many as 100 inbound customer service positions at its Phoenix call center near I-10 and University Drive.
Deluxe Financial Services announced today that it plans to add as many as 100 inbound call center positions at its Greensboro call center in the Stonesthrow Crossing Shopping Center.
New deluxe costumes and an assortment of accessories and embellishments allow this year's trick-or-treaters to immerse themselves in the folklore surrounding Disney's magical characters.