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Synonyms for delusory

tending to deceive; of the nature of an illusion

tending to lead one into error

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for delusory

causing one to believe what is not true or fail to believe what is true


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Nuri, on the other hand, becomes increasingly caught up in the delusory belief that he is creating a more courageous and capable identity for himself whereas he is in fact gradually absorbing himself irreversibly into a version of his father's identity.
This axis is contained in the space of a golden circle, though: Angelica's bracelet is not simply instrumental in bringing delusory rationalization to an end.
When nagging fails to produce results, she creates fantasy images of her children's lives and foists these delusory narratives off on her neighbors and herself (308).
It is the improper understanding of the red apple as a mereological whole--with an independent nature or essence as such--that is delusory.
This means that the "image delineated by the Grand Inquisitor of a pathetic humanity, incapable of fulfilling Christ's law of love, is delusory and pernicious," Frank writes.
If Israeli Jews sincerely desire a just and lasting peace they would do well to first shed once and for all this pervasive and pernicious colonial mentality and its accompanying delusory supremacist language and learn to see Palestinians as their full equals, nothing more and nothing less.
The hope that one can devise a foolproof honors program which can be packaged and exported for use on any campus is delusory.
Looking at the deep bruises under Dallas's eyes and hearing the pain in his voice in the days after he got the letter, I found those feeble words--"uncomfortable," "upsetting"--to be vapid, even delusory.
He called upon businessmen and industrialists to address the delusory loans by some debtors, lower interest on loans, establish a window for Islamic loans and maintain quality in offering services.
Currying support from murderous villains who pose as our well-wishers is delusory.
Given Holloway's belief that seeking money is a delusory, soul destroying quest for African American men, his advocacy for an alternative understanding of wealth found through the agency of Aunt Ester takes on additional significance.
As a result, they frequently fought futile rearguard actions confusing the imperative to limit government with delusory aspirations to shrink it to eighteenth-century size.
Thus, the notion that society's disadvantaged could and should do more to support themselves is misguided and delusory.
According to such a view, the poems lack credibility because the ostensible faith or conversion on which they are premised is but the poet's "urgent personal need" and delusory pretense.