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Synonyms for delusory

tending to deceive; of the nature of an illusion

tending to lead one into error

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for delusory

causing one to believe what is not true or fail to believe what is true


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Lorde's meditations and autoerotic encounters are empowering evidenced in her refusal of a prosthetic implantation calling it a delusory attempt to deny her loss and accepting her scared breast as a sign of the challenges which must inform her personality as a woman.
The "realm of quietude," to quote the Lankavatara Sutra, exists only when we recognize everything is delusory, that we ourselves invest in our own self-existence, thus separating ourselves from the inextricable reality of interconnectedness (Goddard 298).
By illuminating life for all of us without any delusory formula, he magnified the sheer wonder of life.
The force of delusory hope is strong though, and Orlando struggles to reason "come/possa esser che non sia la cosa vera" (23.
Holding that the triumvirate mother-woman "shields and guards the antic fury of an insane child," Rosa recasts as irrational and delusory Sutpen's desire to reinstate familial and social orders organized around patrilineal privilege (202).
If anything, throughout the years, Borges has only enhanced his conviction about the delusory nature of the self by connecting it to Schopenhauer (and also to Buddhism).
The government asserted that the reformers attempted to perpetrate a fraud upon a well-meaning but gullible public, getting them to abandon the British constitution for a delusory written substitute.
DEBKAfile's military sources find Ya'alon's comment delusory.
If such hardhearted tyranny is unleashed on any people, causing misery, affliction and misfortune, it can never ever be of divine origin or of any decent origin, other than the deceptive and delusory innovations of the misguided extremist radicals.
In literary and cultural criticism, various re-assertions and assumptions about "the political" now serve as a delusory ground of justification, while "those wedded to tropes of 'emancipation' soldier on" (102):
Psychiatric and entomological aspects of delusory parasitosis.
Anyway, the word kyans actually means "public record," and the language is weird, one learns with enough study and insight, because it cuts through the delusory dualisms through which we live our lives.
Innovation, less threateningly than earlier in the poem and than in "Absalom and Achitophel," is a delusory escape that only distracts the trivial or the foolish.
This is the delusory coward who mistakes a rat-cat for Satan, hears demon toasts in a cannonade, and sees hellfire in a puff of smoke.
This means that the "image delineated by the Grand Inquisitor of a pathetic humanity, incapable of fulfilling Christ's law of love, is delusory and pernicious," Frank writes.