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Synonyms for delusive

tending to deceive; of the nature of an illusion

tending to lead one into error

of, relating to, or in the nature of an illusion; lacking reality

Synonyms for delusive

inappropriate to reality or facts


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Her pal Tara (Nicholle Tom) is another Hollywood archetype, the industry nobody toiling in obscurity at a production company yet delusively expecting so much more.
Hamlet does not trust the ghost because its message corresponds so closely to his revolt of sense against the new order, because its theatrical spectacle seems to authorize a reversion to forms of identity and conduct that, in promising a way out of despair of meaning, may be delusively self-destructive, and so correspond to what Horatio warns against--the possibility of the ghost "tempt[ing]" Hamlet "toward the flood" or "assum[ing] some other horrible form / Which might deprive [him] of reason" (I.
These responses have, as well, the delusively self-congratulatory air of all attempts to posit communities of or within the art world, ignoring that the art world is a plexus of business and bureaucracy.
6) Critics such as Clifford Siskin, would, of course, claim this developing conscious self is a product and ploy of a temporally defined and conditioned Romantic discourse, all the more delusively powerful because it is so "ahistorical.
9) The Cure of the Great Social Evil with Special Reference to Recent Laws Delusively Called Contagious Diseases' Acts (London: Trubner, 1869), pp.