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suffering from or characterized by delusions

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prevent admission to overweight butch dykes, foul-mouth black queers, dickless 'men' and surgically created 'women' delusionally convinced that they're part of some nonexistent group called the 'transgendered.
Both are empty at heart, but the l-t-d is delusionally convinced that he is happy, or at least pursuing happiness in one or more of its culturally sanctioned forms.
To return to justice: examples of injustice to oneself include those who undercut their own self-esteem, accept un-earned guilt, delusionally inflate their self-worth, or cultivate humility.
More than four years on, our continuing and ever-escalating presence in Iraq remains delusionally predicated on an assumption that our influence is stabilizing, and prevents both the metastasis of al-Qaeda and the metamorphosis of a civil war into a genocidal one.
And while there is no evidence of sexual impropriety, Emily is clearly capable, and delusionally willing, to do both lesser and worse long-term damage.
Another had been the first African American admitted to a Southern university; he wound up on the ward an arch bigot, delusionally convinced he is white, inciting other inmates against the occasional black patient.
This might prevent the commitment of "[t]he man who has a will of steel, but who delusionally believes that every woman he meets is inviting crude sexual advances[.
69) Justice Scalia provides the example of "the man who has a will of steel, but who delusionally believes that every woman he meets is inviting crude sexual advances.
Bush commits the same error, plays the same ideological game which he, as the leader of a delusionally religious state, has condemned.
Mr Chruszcz described how the killer made unrealistic claims about the number of men his wife had slept with and was delusionally jealous of her.
During her brief absence, she had sexual relations with a man whom she delusionally believed was either "Jesus" or "a prophet.