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suffering from or characterized by delusions

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Julie said: "They loved the product but did think the business projections were delusional, even though we more than tripled them.
She said he is suffering from one of the purest forms of delusional disorder - and has never seen a case like it in Northern Ireland.
The Syrian saleswoman, who medical reports confirmed suffers from a delusional disorder, was said to have visited her Moldovan co-worker at their workplace to discuss marriage.
Mark concludes his interview with one thoughtful statement, "It will not be until we set aside our delusional differences, understand we are all one community upon the earth, and come together as the family that we were meant to be that peace can be found.
Rosiello was suffering from both a delusional disorder and cocaine-dependency disorder on the night in question and substantially lacked the capacity to form the requisite intent for a first-degree murder conviction.
Judge Griffith-Jones observed that although delusional behaviour detailed in a psychiatric report did not mitigate the attack, it showed the context in which Richardson felt there was some justifi-cation for feeling bitterness.
Delusional was published by Pineapple Press and is available at local bookstores for $14.
The State's own mental health professionals have diagnosed him as schizophrenic, noting that he suffers from delusional and paranoid thoughts and auditory hallucinations.
5, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Tom Loker's latest book, Delusional Ravings of a Lunatic Mind, released in December of 2011 is getting great reviews by early readers.
Winston Smith On the Victoria Square anti-capitalism protest Look at these delusional hippies.
It considers whether a general account can be given of delusional mental states.
Speaking in Sidon, Siniora said Aoun was delusional to believe he could end Hariri's political career because it would imply the marginalization of millions of Lebanese.
In patients thought to have delusional infestation, neither skin biopsy nor microscopic examination of patient provided "specimens" is likely to change the clinical diagnosis, according to a report published online.
Delusional are those who think that the momentum of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions can be contained, as it was revealed by the toppling of Ghannouchi and Shafik.
Moment's profile of Yesha Council Chairman Dani Dayan ("The Man Who Stopped the Freeze," January/February 2011) demonstrates how devastating the West Bank settlement enterprise is to Israel's future, and how delusional the settlers' leaders are.