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Synonyms for deluge

Synonyms for deluge

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

to affect as if by an outpouring of water

Synonyms for deluge

the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land

fill quickly beyond capacity

charge someone with too many tasks

fill or cover completely, usually with water

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All the preceding afternoon and night heavy thunderstorms had hissed down upon the meads, and washed some of the hay into the river; but this morning the sun shone out all the more brilliantly for the deluge, and the air was balmy and clear.
The sky, covered with clouds, seemed to be laying in supplies for a fresh deluge.
These sanctuaries, in the midst of the deluge of penal and barbarous jurisdictions which inundated the city, were a species of islands which rose above the level of human justice.
The deluge came--all hell broke loose upon the jungle.
He recovered himself amidst a deluge of interrogations.
I expected momentarily to feel the deluge of inrushing water, but none came.
After that happens the next possessor can call it any fool name he likes," concluded Miss Patty, much as she might have said, "After that -- the deluge.
This sudden deluge, therefore, of undoubtedly tragical happenings became almost an embarrassment to them.