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If conservatives wish to mobilize against equal treatment for homophile Christians, they must be prepared to do so on their principles without deluding themselves that they will be carrying on the mission of the Communion.
We're really deluding ourselves for another year thinking this is actually working.
Even now the Tory position on Europe is such that they are not only deluding themselves, but also, once again, trying to deceive the British electorate.
If it's an artistic intention that makes a work of art, as has so often been claimed, then one would have to say that Szeemann and those who followed him in appreciating Odermatt's photographs are deluding themselves, or else substituting their own artistic intentions for those lacking in the photographer himself.
As we confront what may be the next depression, I hope we have a better plan than deluding people already afflicted with affluenza into new buying binges.
But when we become adept at deluding our audiences, we also become capable of deluding ourselves.
A 2006 Employee Benefit Research Institute retirement confidence survey found 68 percent of workers are confident about having adequate funds for a comfortable retirement, but are deluding themselves because they have not saved nearly enough.
No, ``Shape'' is LaBute spinning his wheels, offering another sour candy to his fans, while deluding himself that he's not turning into a one-trick pony, at least when it comes to looking at relationships.
Stuart Fields, the New York flagship store manager says, "We feel that one might be deluding themselves as to the effectiveness of some masks, Internet and mail-order alike, and their expectations might not be accurate.