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Bigger deludedly thinks that his violence will provide him with a "new life" (105), as Loeb also thought his crimes had given him a triumphant "new life" (Higdon 127), and liberated him from conventional morality.
Because people believe that where there is a difference there must be a distinction, and because it affords certain people the satisfaction of deludedly believing that they are using words more precisely than other people (even if those other people are Jane Austen and James Joyce).
Within mere minutes, she's given a job singing backup for a deeply untalented song thrush (who deludedly dismisses her supporting vocalists, to their faces, with a blithe, ``They don't matter'').
The narrator seems to be convinced, however deludedly, that he has escaped from the cave with its flickering images and stumbled out alone into the sunlight.
21) In this, exoticism is just a kind of category mistake, a scratching where it does not itch, part of a post-imperial hangover which deludedly assumes that for a thing to lack a sense is as grievous as for a person to lack a limb.
And people who deludedly believe that "this competition" is just about singing should vote Jodward to teach that terrible Simon Cowell a lesson.