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We could either invest in installing more LAN (local area network) lines to increase the number of wired Internet access points in the building, which meant workers would have to cut in through concrete floors or walls and possibly also damaging some of the building's architecture, or we could go wireless, which seemed to be the more logical choice for us," Delude said.
Delude said wireless access is especially helpful to college students working on research papers.
Delude was serving a 30-month stretch for a variety of minor offences in a minimum security jail in Montpelier, Vermont, USA.
Yet now the hated proposal has been dropped and Sinn Fein is trying to delude the rest of us into thinking that they never supported it in the first place.
But because the dish is worthy overall, you end up not minding that the shrimp-shaped things made from seaweed, soybean flour, sweet red yams and gluten couldn't delude anyone into thinking it's real shrimp.
We delude ourselves to think that the heart of todays "master" beats very differently from that of his forefathers.
SEATTLE -- Donna DeLude, Managing Director of CitiFinancial; and Kathryn Decker of the Federal Trade Commission; will teach the dos and don'ts of credit to approximately 200 students at Franklin High School, a National Academy Foundation affiliate school, on the second annual Get Smart About Credit Day, sponsored by the American Bankers Association Education Foundation (ABAEF), a non-profit committed to developing and providing education programs that lead to financial literacy.
It appears that's what happened here, and Bellesiles should be ashamed of himself for attempting to delude the public.
And how will we continue to delude ourselves into believing that yogurt muffins are health food once the nutritional analyzing software (sure to soon be a standard on all PDAs) gets through itemizing the ingredients?
Delude still gets nostalgic sometimes about the old days, when there was the trusty card catalog.
PCR can also amplify minute contamination of DNA, such as an excavator's fingerprints, and delude scientists.
DeLude, who has fulfilled his commitment to West Coast Bancorp and whose resignation is effective May 15, 2000.
Delude was recognized for her 30 years at Westboro Public Library.